Tom Bradley

Retirement officially announced..

It was leaked ahead of the game at Crawley and he got a few chants from those of the travelling faithful on Saturday that knew, but the man has been a club institution for many years and deserves a bit more recognition.

TB, Royston, Mick Kearns, Barry Blower and even Bonser - it’s been a year for saying goodbye to people with long standing associations with Walsall FC.


I would expect that the Club will put something on the website paying tribute to his many years of service. I would just like to add my thanks for all your hard work.
Just noticed the item on the website!!!

Is this a time to try and bring our step over king back home where he belongs.

Chris Marsh is Coventrys kit man , but feel he would rather be ours …

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Would he take the cut in wages though?..:grin:

What a servant to the club. To think he came to the club during the Coakley era !! A Retirement well deserved. Good luck and thanks Tom for such loyal service.


A real legend !!

Nice interview. Liked that bit about being wowed by how good the dressing rooms are at Wembley. Given the non-performance that day he wasn’t only person dazzled by the surroundings!

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Nice to see we have a chance to show our appreciation when he’s presented with a trophy at half time this Saturday, let’s hope the club present with a nice paid holiday in the sun too for his 33 Year’s of dedication, take a bow TB you’ve certainly earned it.


This man truly deserves a statue

The man is a legend, used to love him when he came on the pitch as physio. Real gentleman too. 33 years, wow!

Thank you Tom.

Some dreadful rumours going round the lower that it was the clubs decision.

Cannot see a single reason it would benefit the club to do so.

Last season there was a rumour going round that Royston Randall and the travel section were being thrown out of their office at the back of the Saddlers Club without any notice. The truth turned out not to be anywhere near that brutal, so would treat this with a pinch of salt too - unless someone has something first hand to share?

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I am doubtful, and I respect Tom enough to not want to know specifics, I just thought Id share my doubt in case anyone else heard the rumour.

Its been said in other threads, but that bow to the crowd - what a legend.