Trains to away matches

Sutton, going via new street. Cheapest options mid morning etc

Ah right.

Well used the newish Parkway station for Newport a few weeks ago and wasn’t too bad, only 3 quid to park on a Saturday and just off the M5.

I visit Bristol a few times a year as my GF sometimes works there and it’s usually 40 quid return if you split the fare from Cheltenham if you’re coming from New Street.

Hi I might be able to help you getting back some home games, but need to check with mrs first as she picks me up after games on Saturdays.
We don’t live far from Crewe so l check.
Unfortunately can’t do this weekend as I’ve got COVID, am isolating and feel like s**te.

Good luck with it. Get well soon

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My Stokee stepson gave it me. There was an outbreak on one of their awayday coaches​:weary::weary::weary::weary:

They are dirty

I used to hate them then met my now wife 10 years ago got married and now live close to Stoke and guess what… I still hate most of them lol


Hope you are feeling better soon

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Thanks matey
Obviously I won’t be in the Fountain Saturday
I don’t feel good at the moment as it is really knocked me about and I’m only on day 4. No shortage of breath yet, well no more than usual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. so hopefully ok soon

Thanks all for the tips!

Have you tried split ticketing? Doesn’t always work but when I have been on the train to a home game splitting the ticket at Sheffield and Derby for example has saved quite a lot of money.
I have done this on many other rail journeys, seeing it as a challenge. Sometimes there are offers too. Just before the first lock down Mrs hullsaddler and I went from Hull to Keswick for 40p return each (admittedly we used our bus passes to get from Carnforth to Keswick)


Don’t confuse me :crazy_face:

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Yeah basically what I was saying above…if going to Bristol from Brum works out better to split v Cheltenham as then it’s 40 quid return compared to the 60 above.

Pretty sure there’s a website where you can put in routes and it advises where splitting tickets can save a tenner or more.

All perfectly legal and not like I bothered showing all the tickets to inspector if there’s even one on the train.

There are a few, like . should also check for split tickets.

The thing to bear in mind is that the tickets are only valid if you stop at the station you are splitting at: eg if you’re doing Birmingham- Bristol and you split at Cheltenham, your train must stop there. You don’t need to get off there, but it must stop. You just show the appropriate ticket if it’s checked.


Belge ain’t that old. He might look it…


Something for him to look forward to obviously!
Haven’t had much use of it or my 3 year senior rail card for a long time.
As @longdogs rightly says the train you are on has to stop at where you split the ticket.
The pricing system is completely illogical. My dad used to live in Kendal. A single Hull to Kendal could be £20 plus more than one to Oxenholme ( 4 minutes & £1.20 away)

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Every train that goes that route stops at Chelts so no issue there.

Hope you’re better soon mate.

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Best wishes from me @superjorge :wink: hope you are back on the delirium soon :grin:

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Don’t need to drink Delirium at the moment it comes free with this dam COVID. :face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer:

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