Tranmere Roll Call

According to the official site, 523 tickets have now been sold out of an initial allocation of 974.

Mansfield were given 1,006 in an end that holds over 2,000, so surely another 4 figure away following is on the cards.

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I think we will take about 850 to Tranmere, following the MK Dons result and the Salford performance i think the fans have slightly lost belief.


Me + 1

Given it’s 20 minutes away it would be rude not to.

We’re four or five points short of any kind of promotion fever. Had we got five more points (winning at Colchester and Forest Green) this would be a 1500 type following.

It will now be just over half that. Still good but not out of this world.


First away match of the season for me. think last time I visited Tranmere was when I was at uni in Liverpool and Andy Butler headed in a late equaliser to start the great escape. Crazy to think that was 13 years ago, time moves quick.

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Be good to take over a thousand think it’ll be a tad under though, 800 or so

I’ll be there. The team need the support now, we’re not the most talented side in the league, and we have injuries of some key first team players as we have for a lot of the season, so we have to gain advantages whichever way we can and one of those ways is with everybody pulling together, so let’s get behind the lads and get up to the Wirral on Saturday and do our bit.


Me +2

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I’ll be there :grinning:

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Now then PT, being a local, solve this for me. I’ll use Mersey Rail to from Lime St to get to Rock Ferry and back. With a Railcard, the fare on the National Rail website is £2.90. Mersey Rail seem to be hiding railcard discounts, they want £4.45…or more, trying to flog their saver cards.
Part of me can’t be bothered for £1.50, but the fare is the fare. I know from family on the railway that Mersey Rail have had their collar felt in the past over the acceptance of railcards.
Have you any advice about buying tickets when I arrive at Lime St?

I’d book them in advance if you know your times and collect from the machines at Lime Street.

My lad uses Trainline and always gets his railcard discount.

That’s as good as I can do I’m afraid pal.

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Are there not Train Strikes :thinking:

Me, my son and his mate heading up… we are trying to convince my sons mate that he is now a Sadler. So far he has had the “pleasure” of a handful of Poundland days and FGR and MK Dons away days… that should put him off for life :man_facepalming:

Me and my 2 boys making a weekend of it
game then UB40 across the river M&S in Liverpool.


There are strikes, but Merseyrail aren’t involved, so there should be local services running. Chiltern Railways, Great Western Railway, LNER, Northern, Heathrow Express and TransPennine Express are striking on Saturday, but other operators’ services may also be affected as there is an overtime ban. West Midlands Railway / London Northwestern and Avanti West Coast are striking on Friday.

Me plus 1 or 2 will be at prenton on Saturday.
Was meant to be at the golf club for the captain’s drive in (a mate is captain this year) but binning it off for the football - havent told him yet!!:laughing::man_facepalming:

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Four of us going and really looking forward to it.

+2 although after the MK game not full of confidence. Simple to me that if we miss out it will be due to us only picking up 5 wins away from home.

On the flip side it’s a weekend in Liverpool, the forecast is sunny spells with highs of 16 Degrees and the Mersey Clipper isn’t a bad option pre match.

Could really do with 3 points here before we head to Doncaster Tuesday.

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Me. Been to all our aways this season.


Five of our lot going, always a good day out on Birkenhead and looks like another bumper away audience will be travelling.

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Rare Saturday off work so me and the lad are heading up. Will visit the docks in the morning and make a day of it. Never been to Tranmere before so I’m glad that’s fallen on a good Saturday for me.

Might be my last game of the season unless we make the playoffs.