Tranmere Rovers (A) EFL Cup, Tues 14th Aug 7.45pm


So all the years that he has supported the club doesn’t count now?


I didn’t suggest that it would be all Walsall infact i didn’t mention an Fa cup attendance … you did .There could be 4000 there for all I care but the FA cup 3rd round would still outweigh a tinpot cup match.

Now how have we even got to this point ? All i did was dared to suggest losing tomorrow would not be a biggy for me.

P.s we had 20,000 plastic fans at Wembley it would you rather I called them day tripper . You choose.


Sarcasm mate. Wouldn’t be that scathing about my own grandfather haha


:joy: i was gunna say, he should tan ur bum :joy:


No I mentioned the attendance because you are the one whining about plastics, as if that makes any difference if it’s FA Cup or League Cup.

We got here by you suggesting it’s not a big draw then in the next sentence explaining exactly why it is a big draw, tin pot or not.

I’ll go with “people that probably followed us years ago, and a bunch of kids the club has failed to turn into regular fans” cheers. It’s not as catchy as plastics but infinitely more accurate I feel.


Whatever floats your boat my mate :joy:


I would agree with that.


We have to win - we bloody well have to. There are two Tranmere fans at work waiting to give me a hard time.

And just to rub it in, let’s hope Cook scores too!



Someone wanting to give YOU a hard time ? uknown that :joy::wink:



There are a few on here that like to give me a hard time.


Me to :joy:


Well there’s more chance of drawing a premier league team home or away by winning 2-3 rounds in the league cup than FA cup.

15/16, two wins got Chelsea at home.

Three wins in the FA cup got the delight of Reading away.

Edit: Disagree on Chelsea not being a big game in 15/16. They played a fair strong side on the night if I recall, probably the same strength they’d have played in an FA cup 3rd round match.


Kind of a silly comparison , remember United away when we took 10,000?

It’s the luck of the draw.


I’ll be there. It’s a good competition with a good chance of playing a ‘big’ side. Think Keates will rest a few and give the likes of Morris, Gordon, Kinsella some extra game time. Don’t think he’ll want to change too much though as he’ll want to keep this good atmosphere building.

Tranmere Rovers 1-2 Walsall


Looking forward to the match and I hope we continue to build momentum. Never been to Prenton Park either.

I’ve tried to savour the League Cup over the past few years as I wouldn’t touch a Checkatrade game with a sh***y stick.


Who cares? They were all plastics right?


Wow you seem really rattled, do you need a hug?


You ok, hun?


I’ll take that as a no


Plastic fans can change to flesh and blood if what they see excites them.I can remember numerous bumper Xmas/new year/Wembley crowds where the team failed miserably when they had the chance impress people enough to buy another ticket.