Tranmere Rovers (A) EFL Cup, Tues 14th Aug 7.45pm


Wonder what the Tranmere fans reckon now after banging on about how Keates and our non league signing were going to struggle all summer :joy::joy::joy:


Just need Cookie to score now to well and truely ■■■■ off our friends from Birkenhead


Zeli’s goal sounds like a worldy. Picked it up in his own half, ran with it and finished :clap:


Walsall substitution, 75 minutes … Kieron Morris on for Zeli Ismail


And all the goals from open play :wink:


79 minutes, and the great fightback starts… Tranmere Rovers 1 Walsall 3


20 shots with 9 on target as it stands, i need a lie down !


1-3 at full time. This season (so far) is just one pleasant surprise after another…

In Jon Whitney’s reign when did we ever have 22 shots in one game, with 9 of them on target?


22 shots now and I am missing on Saturday…going to Test match at Trent Bridge. Judging by the first 3 games you are going see some real entertaining football on Saturday. UTS


Did we even have 9 shots in a game when he was in charge?


Based on the first two tests you might be back in time to see the Saddlers😄


It is the first day though…if it was day 2 or 3 you might well be right.:grinning: Anyway what a good start we have had…flying wingers scoring goals and 2 blokes up front working their socks off. I am in dreamland.


Absolutely brilliant result.

Bragging rights are MINE!



ye give em a few rounds of ■■■■■ tomorrow :joy:


Attendance at Prenton Park tonight was 3,817


Another enjoyable game. That’s three now. What’s going on?

It wasn’t as comfortable as it appears and they would argue that they deserved the opening goal.

Once we did score we got right on top of them with both of our wingers creating all sorts of mayhem.

Nice that Ferrier got off the mark and in the last two games he has been by far the more dangerous of our front pair. Daft lad for getting booked for goading their fans though. Cook seemed in a right old grump all evening. Arguing with everyone.

Nice to get through. There are rumours that if you win in the cup you get to play another game. Well that’s fine by me, cos watching us just now is a joy.


We’ve had 50 shots on goals in the first 3 games.

Under Whitney it would have taken about 15 games to get that many :rofl:


Call me Ismail (though I doubt this will be a best 'kin seller). When all’s said and Dunn, Luke was a cool hand at the back, Kane showed he is able, and FizzyWater sparkled, but Guthrie looked a bit woody. George showed he’s no saint by picking up a booking, as did Ferrier who has a bit of iron in his play and should be a shoe-in for a place in Saturday’s starting XI. Cook simmered without coming to to boil, while Ginnelly got off the mark and elected not to do any joshing in front of his ex-teammates. Gordon tried to be flash with a chip from outside the box, and Morris had a minor role in proceedings.

I’ll get my coat. :yum:


He was a ■■■■■■ of the highest order and went out of his way to inflame the Tranmere fans.


Tranmere played their second team-7 changes from last Saturdays team.