Tranmere Rovers (A) EFL Cup, Tues 14th Aug 7.45pm


Is that a bad thing? or a good thing? we haven’t had a player that other fans love to hate for quite a while :wink:


Good. Was hoping Cook would score and do the same. Bastardry at its finest.


There aren’t half some sensitive souls about :joy:

If I’ve give a player grief in a game or over a period of time and they score I love it when they give it back! I think to myself fair play son!

Cannot believe this start to the season. If well known beer companies did season starts…


Just been on the TRFC forum and they seem to have forgotten all about us being a ‘non-league set up with a non-league manager’ that was going to get relegated and play them next season :joy::joy:

They also seem to have forgotten a lot of what they posted.

Think we have done all the talking we needed to…both in the league and that game! :v:


Nobody had given any grief . For some reason,he just seemed to go off on one.


Cook has too much respect for Tranmere to do that.Same with Ginnelly who didn’t celebrate his goal. They both got a standing ovation from the Tranmere fans at the end.


Against basically[apart from 3 or 4] a second choice team.


Just got back. A better second half performance from all including Wilson and we were by far the better team that half.

Andy Cook seemed to get angrier and angrier as the game went on as he didn’t seem to agree that not every ball was played to him and decided to properly go off on one at one point with Gordon, pointing his finger at the lad going mad. Problem is he did miss a sitter or two so he can’t say he didn’t have chances of his own. He needs a goal or two quickly as he also ended up trying too much on his own then.


Probably don’t know but he was at Boreham Wood so play off final defeat (playing whole game v 10 men) I imagine still stings inside him.


Ferrier was an opponent of TRFC in the past as a Boreham Wood player, including a play off final at the end of last season, how do you know there was no grief between him and their fans?!

Glad he scored, couldnt care less about his celebration. Well done Morgan. End of.

Like I said, the league form has also answered them. Sounds like you want to go and support Tranmere! Crack on…always one miserable ■■■■■■■ after a win


And why not, it was great to see. Glad we’ve finally got a bit of something about us. Been sick of seeing us get bullied for years, even with the nice passing of Dean Smiths later years, we would still be bullied. Not anymore. We’re a team that opposition fans will hate and I think that’ll only spur these players on.


Story goes that Ferrier turned down the opportunity to join Tranmere earlier this summer (fee agreed etc) because the Wirral was too far from London. Suspect he got some stick after missing a few early chances and gave some back when he scored, good on him.


Tranmere had a few chances before we scored, then again after their goal. There was a 15-minute spell in the second half when it looked like we could score at will.

Watch the goals


I’ve noticed Cook doesn’t celebrate other players goals.I’ve not even seen him speak to Ferrier yet on the highlights I’ve seen.Hope that doesn’t turn out to be to the detriment of the team as the season goes on.We all know that Cook is “totally focused on scoring goals” but you still need to get on with your team mates.


He celebrated Zeli’s penalty on Saturday, even after wanting to take it himself. He also celebrated the Leahy free kick opening day.

I don’t think he celebrated last night due to his Tranmere links perhaps? I do think he is maybe trying to hard as someone else alluded to.


I won’t pretend to be a big fan of this cup when I’m not .

However superb result for the lads which can only add and build confidence.

It would Seem Keates is getting a tune out of the full backs and Kinsella which can only be positive for the season ahead.

I will add that I’ve picked up on Cook’s aggression over the first couple of games , but that’s all good with me and something we certainly shouldn’t be worried about.Rambo was very much the same when crosses didn’t find him in the box.



I’m not a fan of players “showing respect”. I think it’s more disrespectful to the team a player plays for if they refuse to celebrate against an old side.


Having watched the highlights I see nothing wrong with what Morgan did. Tranmere fans need to grow the ■■■■ up. Snowflakes.


Smackdown for the trannys.

Have it!