Tranmere Rovers (A) EFL Cup, Tues 14th Aug 7.45pm


Great result, brilliant start to the season against challenging opposition.

The Cook situation is interesting, without being at the game it’s not really fair to comment but ifollow mentioned a few incidents - Morris not crossing to Cook, him being angry - then Cook attacking but in this instance Morris clear and the obvious choice but not passing. Sounded a little like a tit for tat.
Difficulty here for me is if even Keates tries to coach this out of Cook it’ll put him in 2 minds, if it is left then Cook could become a ostracised member of the team.

Just a bit of early morning reflection!!

On better ground the team feels full of goal scorers!! Onwards and upwards!!


Keates had to tell him a few teams from the sidelines to calm down when he was kicking off, then at full time as the rest of the team and staff were clapping the fans, Dean was just with Cook putting an arm around him and speaking with him, calming him down.

I’m all for aggression but don’t go OTT, and finish from 5 yards out before kicking off at everyone else.


Any idea on how many Walsall fans there last night? Not seen a figure reported anywhere yet…

Hope as many possible get down the Bescot Saturday and create a good atmosphere like the Plymouth game


Looking at the stats. those highlights are a bit generous to Tranmere. They only show 3 of our 22 shots!!! whilst a number of their misses are shown!!! Mind you I don’t really care…we are in something called the second round.


Very pleasing result! I’m looking forward to Saturday now…


Cook did strike a disgruntled figure in the last twenty minutes, and as @DanG_WFC says, Keates was having a word with him at the end.

Positives so far are that he has that strikers knack of being at the right place at the right time and his link up play is good, there were a few times last night where he held the ball up and spread play really skilfully.

One negative, evidenced last night, is that he’s very one footed and the real chances he missed (especially a sitter in the second half) were on his left foot.

I don’t mind him being grumpy though, do you really want your big grizzly number 9 to be on a charm offensive?


The fact that Keates immediately recognised an issue and spoke to him tells me he is an excellent man manager.


The bloke scored a shed load of goals in the national league, and no doubt he wants to continue that in league one, he’s probably just really driven and desperate to get off to a good mark with regular goals. He’ll calm down.


Went last night. Pleased with performance, entertaining game. Great to be in second round draw.
Like others a little concerned with Cooke’s attitude to his team mates at times. Probably just his on field persona.
Spoke to some Tranmere fans who were very sorry he 's left them.


Can’t say I’m concerned with whether Cook is grumpy or not. He’s paid to score goals and from what I’ve seen of him he looks more than capable. There’s a ton of goalscorers even at the very top level of the game who have had that attitude.


I didn’t go last night so can’t comment on the chances missed, but if you watch video compilations of his goals over previous years he scores with both feet and not just tap ins. From the evidence I’ve saw he is capable of scoring with both left, right and head. I just think he is possibly trying a little too much at the moment and needs to relax.


Hope so. I think he mentioned in the Plymouth post-match interview that you get a lot less time on the ball at League level, so perhaps he’s just adapting to that?


You may need to change your username if we keep winning…:grinning:


It would be nice if he got on with his own team mates though Simon.


There’s a guy on those after match Express & Star fan video interviews, and a guy said “there were more fans here tonight than at Scunthorpe” didn’t say how many though mtt.


On I follow last night they mentioned a few hundred?


355 according to Tranmere’s official site. Scunthorpe don’t tend to give out away attendances for some reason.


Excellent following for the first round of the league cup!

A Tranmere fan has said Morgan Ferrier celebrated like he did because of the size of the home stand :joy: just who do they think they are, really?! Gotta laugh…


Sure I read on Twitter that the following at Scunny was 399


Talking points: Tranmere Rovers (A)… :arrow_down: