Trevor Kettle

Just found out he will be officiating Saturday’s game. Something to look forward to!

Oh no.

I can see tempers boiling over …

Cant he get rid of the Gypo’s? He seems to send everyone else off!!!

This genuinely makes me not want to go

Oh God no!

Ruins every game he officiates for us.

The bloke is clueless!

It will be fine. It’s not a Cuppa match

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just a storm in a tea cup…

I think we’ll be getting to hear a lot from one of these:

He isn’t the worst these days…a few years ago he was but the standard has dropped so much he is now a middle ranking buffoon.


Hes not my cup of tea.


Someone’s going to get into hot water over this!

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I agree, something is brewing

I’ll have you know he’s a brave man. Once got into a heated argument with Pol Pot.


Mind, didn’t we win our last couple he took charge?

Let’s hope he’s in a favour the home side type mood.

I don’t understand why he’s being slagged off. For me, he’s a bit of a darl(jee)ling.

He used to get on very well with Wa(l)ter Otta …

Our record isn’t great with him is it?

Hopefully we get back Twinings ways.

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Which is strange because he has bags of experience.

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Pot calling the Kettle black.