Trivela Group Takeover

Put the Accrington chairman’s Tweeted explanation in another thread rather than take over this one.

Carlisle United - The latest English club to be acquired by US owners.

I’d worry about communication within the Castle Sports Group. The older guy in the picture either didn’t bother to read the e-mail about sunglasses or it wasn’t sent to him. :sunglasses:

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I’m so excited and I’m not even a Carlisle United supporter :flushed::flushed:

Sort this and sort it fast. We may own the stadium now, or at least your investors do but from a footballing perspective you are failing my football club.
This is the worst position in my lifetime and 40 odd years of supporting my club.
Do your job and do it fast, your "experiment " or whatever this is is failing fast and miserably!


could not agree more stick the saddlers club i want a decent team and a decent manager that is the priority for any football fan surely? this seems to be low on the list for anyone running this club though in recent years.


For all Trivela’s promising work off the field, the football side of things is still a sorry shambolic mess.

Some would like to forget, but the whole Sadler recruitment process totally stunk the place out. Followed quickly by a panic statement desperately trying to imply there was a thorough process. It was as clear as day the blind panic that was taking place and we are now seeing the fruition of that chaos in all is glory. There is no long term plan or thorough investment in a new structure. Just the usual tossing shit up the wall and hoping some sticks- and it sells some season tickets in the process. Global footballing structure my backside.

Its a bloody mess. As I said in a thread last week, I’m not sure how much longer we will get away with operating like this. Basket case clubs are running out.


How much do trivela care about the football side of the club cus they don’t seem to?
We never hear from boycott anymore
They seem to accept rubbish on the pitch
They are worse than bonser on the footballing side by a mile

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The takeover has definitely been a case of emperors new clothes.


Owning the ground and having the Saddlers Club will mean very little if/when we get relegated.

Boycott needs to get over here and sort out the mess he and his team have created.

This is as bad as it has been and as I have said before if it were under the stewardship of Bonser or Pomlett, they would be being slaughtered.


Hard to slaughter someone who ain’t even in the country

The playing side needs some major investment.

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We need an experienced director of football with a history of success in to fix this mess but also need to get rid of the manager immediately, so can’t afford to wait. Absolute mess.


They’ve done good things off the pitch but on the pitch needs a severe rethink.

A few years back Pomlett admitted that he and the other directors knew nothing about football so they needed to address that.

We now have owners with no experience of running a football club, being mentored by Pomlett, who admitted he knows nothing about football. They’ve put Matt Jordan in charge of recruitment who has no experience of football at this level and appointed a first team coach who is a relative rookie.

The lack of experience across all these major positions is worrying.


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Two months since Boycotts most recent communication -

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“ I continue to believe that our brightest days as a football club lay ahead of us”

Wonder if he still feels this way


Think he said every 3 months didn’t he? So expecting one in December.

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Suggestive or hopeful that there’s no interview yet?

The next one will hopefully be within the next 48 hours - When Sadler is sacked.

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