Trivela Group Takeover

I ain’t stuck on women’s football but some of them comment well on the game better than some of the male pundits.
I went to an England under 18 game couple seasons ago at our place against Ireland and was in the family stand when the turnstiles opened there was a laminated villa badge stuck on the door, I asked the steward there to remove it as I felt it was wrong, he took it down, obviously the women had played there days prior.
If they feel the need to put stuff up around the ground to direct fans then once the ground is empty remove it, I have no objection to them using it as it brings in revenue but I have objection to them leaving stuff behind, as said I dont think Trivela really understand how something this small can affect fans, my lad whose 20 wanted a Drogheda shirt anyway I phone a pal in Ireland who collects the latest one from their club shop and sends it across, he opens it and it’s claret and blue.
Admittedly it’s a lovely shirt but I told him i don’t want him putting them colours on at our place, some fans will clearly say something especially when they’ve had a shandy or two, he’s mildly autistic and don’t see the harm in it but respects what I say.
Around 4 seasons ago at half time I went up to get a pint at half time and a lad in a villa shirt (they’d KO at 12 early that day) was stood at the end of the bar to clearly get a reaction, he got his reaction and stewards where fetched tbf he was a prick, I asked him why he felt the need to show his colours in our ground as imo it was disrespectful he said no one is stopping you doing it at our place to which I told him Im not so certain anyone of our fans would go there unless we was playing, anyway common sense prevailed he was asked to cover up and move from the end of the bar.
Loads of our fans detest opposition teams but for me it’s villa who I can’t stand, my own nephew’s follow them and are so one way it’s unreal, always the ref, always the pitch etc etc.

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I’ve just received this response from Graham, who provided some clarify on the Villa signage complaint:

Hi Joe, the club are aware of the signage that has been put up for the Aston Villa Women’s game which is taking place at the Poundland Bescot Stadium on Saturday against Leicester City.

These temporary guidance signs have been in place for all of their games here at the stadium this season and are swiftly removed following the conclusion of the games.

This sign has been put up today with it being a bank holiday tomorrow so none of the stadium team will be on site to put them up ahead of the early kick-off on Saturday.

Rest assured, the signage will be taken down in advance of our Easter Monday game against Salford City as it is after every Aston Villa Women’s game.


That’s that cleared up

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Not really.

Trivela are still doing other things in the background.
Putting more effort in to the Women’s team’s infrastructure too.


I’m exactly the same

I’m the same with DHL, but following them is a logistical nightmare.


I tried to get into BHS but it was a closed shop.


:rofl: :rofl:

I tried following TNT but it blew up suddenly.


I went to a party to try LSD once, but it wasn’t worth the trip.


Superb work sir :ok_hand:

I was going to join the RAF but my plans never took off

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NHS is no better - the amount of postponed fixtures is ridiculous.

I applied for a job with the MCC. I never thought I had a chance, but I was bowled over by their response. Family circumstances meant I had to turn it down which really hit me for six.

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A stupid and unnecessary faux par by the club. If they want to hold on to that sign it had better not be there on Monday, because it certainly won’t be by 5pm if they don’t take it down themselves.


Have to say I agree with the fuss about nothing crowd on this. Couldn’t give a shit what the ground looks like when it’s not a Walsall game.


That’s fine by me.

I don’t mind our guests temporarily decorating the place provided they clear up and pay their dues before I’m next there.


Not quite sure where to post this, but frightening loses reported by Newport.

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