Tuesday night games

Been told we have won 4 Tuesday night games in the last 2 years or some barmy stat like that

Why are we cursed on a night ?
Our players to tired and need to be in bed by 6?

We aint won that many more on a saturday just lately🤣


Post the return of fans in 21-22 we won at Fail and Oldham and completed a Tuesday double over Oldham at Bescot.
Last season I remember we beat Harrogate and Northampton at home, can’t think of any away, then again we’ve only won 3 out of 27 in total so I’m not sure the day of the week upon which we play is the biggest of our problems.
I haven’t thought about cup games, only league.
I might have missed one or two, but doubt it’s more than that.

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3 wins in 27!! FFS - this is getting boring. It is becoming increasingly possible that we could go down this season - the decline seems unstoppable.

We beat Swindon in the league cup last year on a Tuesday, and even rarer Timmy Abrahams scored.

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We wont though will we.

Its not good granted but things are not that bad, defensively we are poor atm but have players to comeback and seems goalscoring wont be a problem this season.

I hope the 3 in 27 is correct, I saw it mentioned a couple of times last night. I usually check figures but it sounded right so haven’t bothered.
Whatever, our form after NYD has been awful. Hopefully with DJ back we will see an improvement.

4 Tuesday night away games since relegation, out of 21 played (W4 D9 L8).

Interestingly up to Port Vale we had a good record - W4 D7 L1
Since Port Vale - W0 D2 L7

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Interestingly though, even the current stats aren’t that bad. Wins + Draws is greater than losses. 21 points from 21 games…they always say to get a point a game from your away matches and you’ll be up there or thereabouts.

But certainly, that more recent form is dire!

|13/10/2020|Tue|2021|5|Home|Leyton Orient|2|1|
|03/11/2020|Tue|2021|11|Home|Crawley Town|1|0|
|15/12/2020|Tue|2021|18|Away|Oldham Athletic|3|2|
|13/04/2021|Tue|2021|41|Home|Tranmere Rovers|1|0|
|19/10/2021|Tue|2022|13|Away|Oldham Athletic|3|1|
|23/11/2021|Tue|2022|18|Away|Port Vale|1|0|
|15/03/2022|Tue|2022|37|Home|Oldham Athletic|2|1|
|04/10/2022|Tue|2023|12|Home|Northampton Town|1|0|
|25/10/2022|Tue|2023|16|Home|Harrogate Town|3|1|
Sorry about the formatting. Excel is pasting like this.
Every Tuesday night league win since we were in League 2.

We also beat Morecambe under Clarke early in the 19-20 season. A goal from Stuart Sinclair. :astonished:

Apologies I’m missing that season.
Back to the drawing board.

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