Upcoming Fixtures

It is top support as @Mazza01 has said I thought they had a bit of a better away following than 1100 to our place for some reason either way should be a good atmosphere :+1:t2:

That’s so far …would imagine It will be closer to 2k on the day

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There are always some good boozers outside the main stations in london

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Booked my seat on the ISSA coach and will have to finish work early to get to The Railway for the pick up time but heyho , if we think Bristol Rovers bringing 2K to our place is big , then I hope we sell our 1500 tickets or what ever they give us for an evening game , just to give that absolute arsehole of a manager they now have the most shit he’s ever had in his whole miserable life for what he did across us .


You’re obviously not to bothered about Dc then😂

Hope we stuff the Fail, then we can head up to Carlisle in great spirits!!
Always try and do the trip to Cumbria as I get to see, and stay with, an old friend for the weekend which is always a good laugh!:blush::beer:

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Think if we are at least top half come the vale game we will take 1500 even though it’s a Tuesday night game.

I wonder how hard it would be to get near his dugout ? :grin:

It’s a bit of a wasteland up to January but personally looking forward to Newport on Saturday. Another ground to tick off, bizarrely away fans seem to get the best stand of the four and you have a fantastic capital city on its doorstep (10 minutes on the rattler) so that’s pretty decent for any league.

Anyone know if you can pay on the day? As usual the website isn’t clear.

Vale would be class if it was a Saturday game, would easily take 1.5k there.


I’ve always found vale to be poor and the atmosphere to be terrible too. Bring back the days when we played derby , charlton etc away

Exeter is okay as a Saturday away day/stop over, unless your travelling down on the M5 which is horrendous nowadays.

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Looking to go the Sutton Utd away game at the end of October, apparently their away cap is 500, anyone know if tickets can be bought by non-season ticket holders on the Walsall website as it seems to be the only option on it currently.
If not I’ll have to go make myself popular in the home end haha

Got stuck on it for 6 hours a few weeks back :man_facepalming:

Coming back from North Cornwall near the end of July, same thing. 8 bloody hours. The Somerset section of it is just one traffic jam.

Puts me off going down there which is a shame because Devon and North Cornwall are fantastic parts of the country.

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Ye we said the same thing, it’s quicker to go abroad!

They’ve only just put the Leyton Orient away ones on sale mate and that’s Saturday October 16th so with Sutton being 2 weeks after that I’d say 2 weeks from now and they’ll be available mate I’m guessing if you ring the ticket office you’ll get them posted too :+1:t2:

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I’ve booked a national express coach on the 16th Birmingham digbeth to London Victoria£6.80 return I won’t mind paying fiver a pint as much now

Planing on doing Sutton too got a mate from Surrey (originally Great Barr) hoping to meet up with possibly in Cheam

Fiver a pint ! You’ll be lucky

I respect the hustle but I’d rather pay the extra for the train :joy:. Fair play tho