Update From Chief Operating Officer Dan Mole

At the risk of boiling several people’s piss…

I note he mentions no turnstiles, going through gates into a perimeter around the stadium and gift cards bought from the shop to be able to be used inside the stadium as no cash being taken. :thinking:

Also talks about the clubs guidance for mask wearing and other Covid related stuff.

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Hmmm I wonder who gave them the idea of an outside perimeter :grin::thinking:

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The Roy whalley hub?

I enjoyed his use of a new word “mandation” , but I don’t think Suzy Dent in dictionary corner will allow it.


Will.it be cashless after the 19th? For people like my dad who only has a bank book, going to get a cashcard from the club shop with not only be to confusing for him but a complete ball ache.


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Sounds like it’ll be cashless from now on.

Crystal Palace game is being used as a test before it all rolls out for future games.

That’s not good for the older generation, should encourage people to use cards, not get rid of cash completely


I read once that you wouldn’t do gigs unless they paid cash?

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OK, in the unlikely event of Moley being on Countdown I concede Suzy Dent would allow it as a word.

However, if Pedagogue was marking Moleys homework and he used the word to mean the “enforcement of a mandate “, which is how he used it in the clip, Peda would put a big circle around it with the words “See me” next to it red ink. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lies, lies, lies.

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As it doesn’t appear to have subtitles could someone summarise it for the deaf please?

Sweet, all getting in for free a la Wembley then?

What happens if say the £20 cash card you bought from the club shop runs out,can you go get another ?.also as the food kiosk is away from the bar I used to leave my lad with the cash in a queue while I went in the other queue for a beer .I can’t do that now :rage:

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Get 2 gift cards?

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What if I only want one :laughing:, the little sod would spend it all in one go, mole by name mole by nature , you never see one for years then if your lucky you see one pop up

You have taught him well :grin:

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We’ve got to sort out something alternative too.
There’s usually 4-5 of us and we all give my brother cash to go and order the half time pints.

Will have to probably all transfer the money over to his account in the pub beforehand so he can pay on his card.

Personally I think we will over complicate things and loose a lot of the older fan base , I just hope I’m Wrong but you know what old uns are like , chunkster can verify that


There will be teething problems but bloody hell, the club are trying to improve. I have been the club’s biggest critic but fresh thinking needs to be commended. We all have bank cards and mobile phones. Those that don’t will still be accomodated. The days of ripping tickets at turnstiles and queuing at the ticket office on matchdays are a thing of the past. God help us when the groaners start on bar queues and toilets :see_no_evil: