US Investment

Pomlett talks about US investment being a potential avenue IF we ever get back into L1, but it seems there are yanks out there falling over themselves to take a slice of lower teams

ESL here we come.

Evostick Southern League? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


How long before we’d be rebranded as the North Birmingham Swifthawks?


At least you didn’t go for East Wolverhampton Shitehawks


What is the old saying?
“be careful what you wish for”

The day we get US investment is the day that I will start supporting Rushall Olympic.
They can eff right off with their cultural colonialism.
Rant Over.

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If you were going to invest in WFC it would be cheaper to do it now

Why do you think that? Its the land and stadium that need investment…

Blindly obvious
There is also a valuation on the club as a football club and it’s playing staff. Today that is extremely low as we are ■■■■ and bottom of the worst professional football-league.
If we were a top 10 championship club we would have greater value

I would also expect the land to continue to increase in value as it becomes a premium on this tiny island of ours

Better beer?

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I’m with Bob on Yank investment.


The $ is at a multi-year low, which doesn’t make it so attractive