Is anyone having a problem with the Android app? When i click on it it says the web address can’t be found


Sorry meant App :slight_smile:


No, but it did very briefly drop out a couple of days ago. No issue since then.


My speulchuka has dusapored wen i pust.


Theres an app?


This is where I say “What’s an app?” :thinking:


There isn’t an app, but UTS will work/appear slightly differently on different browsers and devices.

Any ideas on this @vincent?


I’m with you on that one. I have phone that beeps a lot, does that count?


Im using chrome on a Sony phone if that helps


There is no app as such. The forum can be saved to your home screen in a little embedded web view for sure. But no official UTS app.

There is an official “Discourse” app, which can connect to this site and show you posts and other things. UTS runs on Discourse, so it hooks in with their app.

Website has been down yesterday for a period of a few minutes where it was unresponsive due to upgrades at around 02:00 AM UTC :blush: Not aware of any other downtime though and can’t see any alarms that were raised last week.

Hope that answers a question or two.