UTS Player of the Month - January 2019


Our first Player of the Month poll, imagine it’ll be a bit of a landslide!

  • Andy Cook
  • Cameron Norman
  • Connor Johnson
  • George Dobson
  • Isaiah Osbourne
  • Jack Fitzwater
  • Joe Edwards
  • Jon Guthrie
  • Josh Gordon
  • Liam Roberts
  • Liam Kinsella
  • Luke Leahy
  • Matt Jarvis
  • Morgan Ferrier
  • Nicky Devlin
  • Zeli Ismail

0 voters

  • Players listed have played more than 45 minutes


This thread should have been called…do you think Andy Cook is the player of the month Yes/No…:smile:…I have voted for Fizzywater…because I can.


There’s always one!


We need to start a fund to get Cookie a statue built really.
If there was a second vote it would be Jarvis for me as his acquisition has gone under the radar for most people given the state we have been in.


You’re right, and it can’t be overlooked that Jarvis has contributed assists to a few of Cook’s goals. He’s brought the quality delivery Cook has been begging for.


Think we need to start a fund to raise the money for an extension to his current deal on a wage he would find hard to refuse.


I’ll start with a coupon for free entry to the Black Country Living Museum.


Got a free complimentary entry to light cinema in Walsall to throw in :grinning: