UTS Post Game Drink - Mon 8th May - 3pm @ BCA

Not sure if there is appetite for it, but potentially looking to get a load of UTSers together for a post-season, post game beer or two following our game against Donny Rovers on Mon 8th May. With our game being a 12:30 KO, we could all meet somewhere down town for 3pm-ish.

I know a lot of people have their own routine on a match day, especially pre-match but post match might work well.

Thinking of somewhere in town for transport links and neutrality, as not all will want to meet at places like the ground, Railway etc.

If you’d be interested then just add your name below and I’ll see what can be organised.


I’m in.

Any recommendations for a decent seat in the ground? Plenty to choose from!

Any one that doesn’t face the pitch!


I would have liked to have come but it will be a bit awkward as I will have the kids with me.

I’ll see what I can sort out though. I may skip the game and just come for a booze!


I would have loved to come but am in guernsey dressed in WW2’RAF sergeants uniform that day (don’t ask!)

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Why? :laughing:

Is it a stag do, a swingers fancy dress party, a re-enactment event or a travelling show?

Don’t tell me he was born in a wagon.

Their ‘independence day’ celebrations (from nazi occupation)

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Can we just come for a drink and avoid the game ?


Enjoy the Liberation Ale!

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Oh yes an excellent pint!


Wasted on the donkeys of course :laughing:

Hope to be able to make it be nice to meet up

Of course

Tap & Tanner in town is an option, nice and cheap for all.
Black Country Arms though could be a good option, or the Walsall Arms.


Unfortunately I can’t make it as I’m in sunny Corfu for a week.

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Problem is, due to the ridiculous decision to move matches to the Monday, its a work day for most people the day after. Restricts any drinking sessions somewhat.

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It’s a Work day on a Monday for a lot of people forced to work bank holidays :frowning:

I could be up for this.

I should be able to come, count me in

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