UTS Prediction League 2: 2019-2020

Well within the normal range.

Completely under control.

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I’m sure you know the origin of that meme, and the maximum reading of the counter…

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It’s probably just the feedwater, I’ve been around it all night. :radioactive:

Updated table after week 5 (Sat 24th). Very ordinary scoring to be honest with an even split of 2s, 1s and blobs. The winning score was 3 points, achieved by Donnington Saddler - well done!

Still quite congested in these early week and there is no need to get dejected like Darrell Clarke as a run of good weeks will see you surge up the table!

Might need an edit … I got a point, JJ got 2 etc.



FGR 1-2 Newport
Crewe 2-1 Bradford
Walsall 1 v 0 Grimsby

Fairly sure I got a few points too?

Not for this though … :sweat_smile:

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Wrong week. That was week 6.

Just check which week you are thinking of. The updated table is from the 24th Aug, not the Sat just gone.

Before any other queries, the table above is for week 5, Sat 24th Aug, not the weekend just gone. I will do that one in the next few days so don’t worry - you will all get the points you deserve!!:wink:


My mistake

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Except for me …who forgot to do it :man_facepalming::roll_eyes::poop::hot_face:

What are you whinging about? You’re getting the points you deserve! :joy:

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That’s a little harsh , very cutting , I have feelings you know …:astonished:

Your problem is that you base your predictions on them :wink:

Like guessing you mean …:thinking::laughing:

I just does this as a bit of fun really. Not that bothered to be honest. Not like some on here. Blimey, arguing that they have been mis-scored. Pathetic really. Erm…………shouldn’t I get a 1 in the weekly win column? As I say, not that fussed at all. Just for accuracy that’s the only reason I mention it. I won’t go on about it because it doesn’t really matter.

But as I’m here, when will you put it in? No hurry, take your time. Tonight maybe? Tomorrow morning? When you can - don’t worry about it. I’m sure you have much more important things to do. I’ll check in ten minutes. Thanks.


Haven’t got round to sorting it yet? No worries. Whenever you can. I’ll set the alarm to check later on.


A man after my own shrivelled heart!

Fixed that for you!!! :wink: