Anyone ever realised it’s also an acronym for Up The ■■■■■■■??

Just sayin’


Speaking of UTS, here in the North of England we are of course constantly updated about the current situation regarding Bury F.C.
On the news we are always shown the same clip over and over which shows a hand written note supporting the club with ‘UTS’ at the bottom, I cannot think of any combination of these letter that would have any bearing from a Bury perspective…?
Can anyone clarify? There may be a Bury connection, but UTS? it surely cannot be anyone’s initials.

Up The Shakers…



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The gift that keeps on giving.

There is a football club in Gateshead called Dunston UTS FC , what does the UTS mean in up in the wide blue yonder of Gateshead

They play at the UTS Stadium, re-named in 2009 for sponsorship reasons (changed from The Wellington Road ground).

The only possible connection would be UTS Engineering Ltd., based in Jarrow (just down the road from Gateshead), who supply all sorts of bits and pieces to the Water industry.

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Of course, racked my brain but hadn’t thought of the obvious!