Video Q&A with the Clarke's

Anyone buying in to this on July 23rd ?
Will bring a few bob in for the club.

Yep. Always interesting too see whats said

Yep .

Replies might suggest not a lot of interest. It’s a shame cus the club could do with the income.

No idea what it is if anyone can tell me?

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I appreciate the club ‘needs the cash’ but not sure why I should pay to hear our manager and captain speak?

Because it’s cheaper than going to the Bezla for the live version?

Maybe for you! :joy:


Just purchased. Would urge anyone else that’s able to; to buy a ticker for £5. A small but welcome boost to the club’s coffers.

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Where is this being streamed the link at the top of the thread doesn’t work? Thanks

@Killer78 I’ve been emailed a link with an access code

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Didn’t get chance to join, was it worth while ?

Absolutely, should have gone on another 30mins imho as quite afew questions not asked but very enjoyable. Ashame it did not attract the numbers I think they were hoping.

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