Virtually relegated


…by a proven League One performer…the kind of proven performer we had on our books, our fans adored - but would never in a million years sign on a permanent basis because we won’t pay the wages. How apt!

How many players have proved themselves on loan with us only to be signed by rivals in the same league or below because we will not pay out even half decent wages; James Wilson, Jason McCarthy, Scott Laird, Eughon O’Connell…there’s many more.

The board make a profit every year, syphon off transfer fees into a black hole and charge the club to play at their own ground. It is ■■■■■■■ rotten.



For certain, if the board had backed Whitney to sign McCarthy, Wilson and O’Connell, we wouldn’t be in this position now! It seems ridiculous looking back now, after the money that’s been wasted on players this season.



McCarthy, Wilson, O’Connell and Laird (o.k not quite the knackered version currently present) is a mid table league one defence no bother.

Even more messed up when Devlin and Leahy are allegedly two of the highest paid players at the club.