VPN idiot's guide - IDIOT NEEDING HELP

I’ve used iFollow for years to listen to commentary online, but due to a recent upgrade in broadband speed (thank you BT), I have enough bandwidth to consider streaming matches live. As a UK (Orkney) based supporter, I understand that I will need to use a VPN to make it appear as though I am based outside the UK.

So… I have some questions!

What VPN is most reliable to do this? I understand that some are better than others, and I don’t mind using a subscription VPN if that has a better success rate.

Once I have a VPN sorted, I assume that I need to set up a completely new iFollow account using a non-UK address and non-UK bank details?

If I set up as a new user on iFollow, will I need to use a new email address as my existing one is registered against my exacting UK iFollow account?

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but if I’m going to invest in VPN and new iFollow account I want to make sure it’s going to work!

Sorry I know this isn’t to do with a VPN - But if you buy an amazon fire stick I can help you get the Ifollow games :+1:t2:

Is a VPN still required to watch it on a fire stick?

I use tunnelbear. It costs $3.33 per month (about £2.47 at todays rate)
I wouldn’t trust the free ones (there’s no such thing as a free lunch)

I’ve used the free version of Windscribe (limited to 10Gb per month - can pay monthly or annually for unlimited bandwidth). Worked OK when I’ve needed it - including watching one of our games on iFollow when I was in hospital earlier this year.

You don’t need an offshore e-mail or bank account, UK ones are OK, but you get charged at the rate for the country your VPN fools them into thinking you are in. I was charged $10Canadian instead of £10 for UK users (worked out about £6 - on my credit card which doesn’t charge for overseas payment or conversions) so look out for the best exchange rates and see if you can find a VPN host server based on that country.

Does anybody know if I’ll need to set up an entirely new iFollow account, including using a different email address to the one already registered to my existing iFollow account?

Last year I tried accessing my existing iFollow account via a VPN and a non-UK server, and it still had me down as a UK user. Do you think this was because I was accessing an existing account t?

How would they know you’re not abroad on holiday?

PS I used my usual account when I had to make use of it.

I think @chunkster is your man for all this tec stuff, he’s an old pro when it comes to ifollow and VPNs

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I think you opened those cans to early :rofl:

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Try this list of more reliable ones. NZ geeks recommend NordVPN.

This is very good info

[link disabled. Despite what the fellow says at the start about using a VPN this isn’t a legal way to access this content, and UTS can’t promote breaking the law. Mod]

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=uxSy2GLkskg

I use Melon VPN on my Android devices. Never let me down!

Hope I’m not breaking the National Security Law. Come to think of it, …