W 2-0 vs Crewe Alexandra (H) - League Two - Tue 26th Dec, 3pm

Walsall vs Crewe Alexandra - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Crewe Alexandra

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Time for this lot to play to their potential. 2-0 will do.


Looks like a good time to play them.

It appeared a good time to play Accrington to….


They could put 10 fit players on with my grandad in goal and our shower of shite wouid still loose , stand no chance , 2-0 Crewe win


The proximity of matches over the Christmas period does not bode well for the team.

We lost to Accrington who were mainly kids so Crewe won’t find us to be much trouble with there under 18s

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Having seen how good Crewe under 18s are going forward Sadler decides to play 6 in defence, 3 defensive midfielders and DJT has the lone striker.


I do hope MS will be thinking and saying … " don’t piss on their chips at Christmas lads "… it’s my job too.

Go out and show these mongrels we ain’t going down without a fight

We normally give teams gifts in this sort of form/injury crisis. And it is Christmas

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merry christmas uts

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If we lose this one, Sadler is in a lot of trouble.
As bad as we sometimes are I cannot see anything other than a victory tomorrow.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Would you bet 100 of your Trump Dollars on us winning?

Nah just lonely

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My heart says 2:1 win, much needed as I predict a right royal stuffing from Wrexham. My head tells me where the hell are we gonna find a performance good enough to turn Crewe over with this :clown_face: as head coach. He will select the wrong team, send them out with just do ya best, will make the wrong subs and be unable to effect the pattern of play at any stage after 3pm …. Happy days :man_facepalming:

As much as some will talk about the performances against Salford and Notts County, they have been the exception to the rule as regards our performances this season and I can’t see us picking up more than a point out of our next 4/5 games

Looking at Crewe…this is why people are getting frustrated.

They looked pretty poor in the away game…(at 2-0 down at least) but rallied and got a point and a few weeks later went into the top 3.

They’re not good enough to be automatic contenders with the other moneybags teams but they’re 5th and so nicely established in the play off hunt.

Why is this club not remotely capable of doing anything like that? Gap to them is ten points so that’s quite significant at the halfway stage.

Looking at their team and Micky Demetriou is a top CB at this level (amazed Flynn didn’t attempt to sign him at any point) but beyond that I imagine it’s the usual mix of youth products for them so I wouldn’t say their squad looks that much better.

Funnily enough they’re currently in a poor run of form, no wins in 4 but I’d love that poor run while established in the play offs compared to established in the bottom half.



I’m going to be logical for once.

Crewe have put together a good young side , they are twelve months ahead of us in developing a winning formula it seems, like Barrow they are this year’s Carlisle/ Northampton.

Let’s not get carried away and say this is one we must win otherwise Sadler is the biggest brain dead slug in history with a wayward nostril hair. Crewe are fifth have a decent away record , so a win would be a good result and represent progress.

A draw would be the logical score line for this one but would give most of us a sense of yuletide loss because it’s mongrels from Crewe and a defeat would be disappointing beyond words because we’re at home and Uncle Sid is coming over with Aunt Doris and now I’ve got to listen to stories of young Kenneth etc etc

Anyway back to my illogical the glass is always half full and were ####### brilliant and will never lose again … , up the football league we go etc etc

We’ve got this

No idea what will happen here.

Wouldn’t be shocked if won 1-0 with an attritional performance, and equally wouldn’t be surprised if we lost 3-0.


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We don’t discuss that man’s name in my house. The 100 would be worthless, just like he is!