W 2-1 vs Salford City (A) - League Two - Sat 9th Sept, 3pm

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Normal service resumes next game!

Salford City vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Salford City Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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Can we have a poll to bring back Welsh out of retirement :rofl:, Don’t let it happen again @RobHarv3y :rofl:, joke . I’m going for a 2-1 win just cause I think we are due one away and this is the time to do it .:grimacing:

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Can’t see us getting anything from Saturday.

After our first visit there when we won, it has been an incredibly flat experience. The fizz was completely extracted from our season last year. Cold night after the Leicester cup game and both fans and players couldn’t get up for it at all.

I really dislike them. I hate what the club has become, the league place it has taken from communities who care, the class of ‘92 bollocks, The ongoing patronage of TV companies, the “fairytale” notion, Gary Neville’s blinding hypocracy, that they can still barely muster a hundred away fans and 1,500 at home despite all the publicity and media help.

Their games against MK Dons this season will be a right convention of cants. The Dons edging it by dint of the fact that at least Salford had to get some promotions to take a position in the football league. But that’s slim pickings.

Salford to win 2-0. 2,467 (893)

See ya there!


About time we won away . No Gordon Saturday but a solid 2-0 for me.

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This is the one …… Glad to see the match thread up to give us something to talk about :+1:
2-1 the saddlers with an extra 300 traveling on the day due to it being not to far to travel,cheap tickets and no price increases. UTS.

Come on PT we need abit of optimism :joy:

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It’s about time we won on the road, Greater Manchester would be a good place to start.
I agree with P T’s comments about Salford, the only thing he left out was their sense of entitlement which they have in abundance.
I hope DJ is back leading the charge tomorrow, whatever spat he’s had with MS has to be put to bed, we need him!
I’m not going to predict a score…just the win.


Will this be on iFollow due to the international break?

It should be, yes.

Yes, a video pass option is available to subscribers in the UK as well as abroad for this one. Back to normal for Swindon though, so audio-only in the UK for that game (unless you use a VPN).

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A game on paper we’re expected to lose and I think we will. Watch us go and win when there isn’t much expectation.

I hate the club. I hate Skys obsession with them. I hate Gary Neville and his bias. The surrounding area hate them as well. As PT said, their attendances speak for themselves and show the size of the club. Been ploughed by money to get where they are, as was highlighted in The Class of 92.


I agree. I’m going for a shock 5-0 to the Saddlers, on the day it all comes together.

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As there’s not a Swindon thread yet, I can’t go now so if anyone needs a ticket and wants to pick up from local, drop me a message, just the £27.

I am unusually optimistic and look forward to a last minute winner. Saddlers to win 2-1

Usual pessimism forecasted to resume Sunday.

I think we all know from previous experience just what a tough place the Peninsula Stadium is to go. We will have to be at or very near our best to get something from this game but I back us to do just that.

Sadler is under no illusions on what an incredibly tough game this will be:

“Their squad is littered with eye-catching players. Fantastic talent throughout, and they are a very good team, and one that we need to be at the top of our game to beat.”

A famous 2-1 victory with goals from Matt and Hutch.

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It’s an away game
No way we win, we don’t win away
So question is do we have enough to get the draw?

Anything but a defeat is a positive result at Salford. I would dearly love to get 4 points from the nest two games. I think we will compete at both but we will need the run of the ball.

First time I’ve been able to get to Salford. Night in Manchester tonight too which is a bonus.

2-2. McEntee and a Johnson penalty.

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Thanks for confirming that.