W 2-1 vs Salford City (H) - League Two - Mon 1st April, 3pm

You didn’t think I’d spoil the whole of Easter for @Gavin77 did you? :roll_eyes:

The Association Football match between Walsall Football Club and Salford City Football Club is scheduled to commence at three hours past midday on the first day of the fourth month.

Let’s take a look at some of the stats heading into this game:


The Saddlers have played against Salford on nine occasions up to this point, and have an unfavourable aggregate result.

Walsall Wins - 3
Draws - 0
Salford City Wins - 6

A small sample size but the trend so far is that we always lose straight games. First time we lost, we then won. 2 defeats followed before we won again. Three defeats then followed before the win earlier this season. Hopefully we can buck the trend this time round.


9th September 2023
Salford City 1-2 Walsall

A 15th-minute opener for the hosts, provided by Matt Smith, was not enough for the hosts as second half goals from Freddie Draper and Oisin McEntee turned the game around for us and ensured all 3 points came back to WS1. After a disappointing first half, we feared the worst, but whatever happened at half time appeared to have done the trick.

This was our 2nd victory in 5 games played at Salford.


Walsall - 11th in League Two with 58 points from 39 games (W15, D11, L13)
Salford City - 20th in League Two with 47 points from 41 games (W12, D11, L18)


Walsall - W2, D2, L2
Salford City - W2, D1, L3


Walsall Home - P19, W10, D6, L3
Salford Away - P20, W7, D4, L9


Striker Matt Smith who has a great record of 23 goals in 40 games this season in League Two. Usually a handful for us to deal with and seems to have a good record against us.

Walsall-born defender Curtis Tilt, who has 3 goals and 2 assists from CB, and has played in 95% of Salford’s league minutes this season. He has plenty of experience within higher divisions and is still only 32-years old.

Ex-Saddler, Theo Vassell, turns out for The Ammies, making 25 appearances so far this season for them.


Heading into the fixture, boss Matt Sadler has confirmed that prior to the game at MK Dons, we are now in a much stronger position squad-wise. International stars Liam Gordon and Brandon Comley are available for selection, as is striker Danny Johnson. Jamille Matt is also ready to be part of the group yet he may feature off the bench rather than start any of the two fixtures over Easter. New-boy Jamie Jellis is also now available, and Saddlers fans will be keen to see what he can bring to the party.

Donervon Daniels, Priestly Farquharson and Aramide Oteh were all rated as having a 25% chance of being fit for Easter however Daniels started against MK, whilst PF and AO were on the bench. Definitely out will be Harry Williams, Tom Knowles and Oisin McEntee.

Providing no new injuries or suspensions from the MK Dons game, this should all be correct.


This could be a tough game, as Salford’s away record isn’t all that bad, however our home record is actually very good having only lost three games at the Poundland Bescot Stadium all season. I can see it being a tight game, but think the Saddlers will come out with a 2-0 or 2-1 victory, to hopefully give us a minimum return of 4 points from our 2 Easter fixtures.

What are your thoughts?

Walsall vs Salford City - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Salford City Win

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PS. Just for the record @Gavin77 this has taken me about 40-50 minutes to compile, type up, etc. I do it on a free basis. If you’d like to take the time out of your life to do it, or you have the time available then feel free to take it over. Or if you’d like to pay me per word to make it a more attractive proposition to take me away from my day-to-day life, I’m all ears.

Failing that, I’ll start doing them from the beginning of next season again.

Happy Easter everyone x


Rob your a legend mate


I’m going for a 1-0 win . Thanks @RobHarv3y for all you do, much appreciated


Great intro Rob. This is a must win game for us now.

We’re all upset after today’s result - but playoffs still in reach. It’s just a loss today - against a good team, away from home. Need 15 points at least from out last 7.

We can still do this. UTS.


I expect a reaction after today but where will a goal come from. 1-0 from a corner is my best guess.


Surely we need to start dj?
A player who knows how to score?
Or am I stupid ?

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:joy: as if he’ll play, behave

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A Thing of beauty that preview was Rob . That’s more like it excellent :ok_hand:

Nailed on win for me, time for Sadler to luck out again :crazy_face:

6 wins - easy.

Robs a beautiful man

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Forgot it, let’s move on to another season in this dog shit league :unamused:

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Must win if we have any play off ambition left.

Must must win.

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3 of us will be there on Monday whilst visiting family over the weekend. The wife has said she’ll come who hasnt been to a walsall game with me for years (bury away i think) so hopefully she can bring some good fortune and we’ll play well enough for it not to be years again before she says she’ll come to game with me!!:laughing:


Just been reading a lot about Jamie Jellis.

With Earing out for this crucial period it seems that Jellis is the closest we have.

So on Monday it can’t be Stirk at number 8, Sadler needs to stop pretending Stirk can play there, it has to be Tierney or Jellis with the other on the bench.

Don’t know what happened to Foulkes yesterday but he has to start too. And I’d go Matt and Johnson up top. Faal and Gordon have had a good run at it and aren’t the pairing who will get us the goals we need.

Revert to our best back three and have the balls to leave either Daniels or Priest out of the squad.

So that’s five outfield changes from yesterday.


Aside from anything else, DD now has three days to get up to match fitness AND to recover from playing most of one. He might be able to do one, but not both.

Wasn’t injured, was just dropped.

Which is rubbish isn’t it?

He looked far better recently than he did at the start of the season.

To drop him completely to kro bar six centre halves into the squad is awful management. It’s beneath piss poor as it’s the cowards way out. Drop the local kid because the experienced guys might get annoyed.


Bad that he couldn’t even get on the bench, when you look at our bench yesterday, 3 strikers on there, 5 that have actually played as a striker for us. I like to see an attacking bench but we didn’t need all those attacking options at the expense of potentially crushing one of our young players who has done reasonably well lately. Especially when you see how he used his subs.


Don’t know how you can assume that was the reason, perhaps there was an element of protecting Foulkes who was exposed against a Wrexham earlier in the season.

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