I clicked on a random Liga 2 team (Numancia) and two of their players are on minus £1,900 a week :smile:

Sure this isn’t just a download from the latest CM/Fifa game?!

I reckon the Football Manager database is a lot more accurate than that dodgy website.


Guthrie’s on about £5K a game then!

B.S at its finest

Truly hope this is BS. 300 quid a week is not a livable wage - for anyone, let alone a professional footballer. Very insulting to the whole profession even in the lower leagues. I certainly would not work for that money when one can sit at home and make more money on the dole.
The disparity between our wage bill and a premier league club’s can be scaled in light years.
Creed, creed and more creed!

… since he never plays the full 90 minutes, it’s £5K per hour!

Saddler 98k,What for.

I know it was a few years ago now, but Peter Till was literally on about £300 a week.

He’s now playing for Lichfield City, who pay some of their players in excess of £200 a week allegedly.

I didn’t realize I was so out of touch! I would’ve thought first team players were making 1-2 grand a week minimum, less than that shocks me to be honest.
I now have a deeper respect for the players in the lower leagues, especially ours, who are busting their tales week in and week out for little reward, except for the pride of wearing the shirt…well done.