Walk Out Music

It’s been debated on here before about the music played before games and the song that the team runs out too. Now the club have given us the opportunity to vote on the run out song.

Unfortunately we’re limited to their options as there isn’t an open field for suggestions. Closes on Wednesday 1st December

The Slade option should surely be “Cum on feel the noize”.

“Right here / Right now”? Please no.

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Yeah im stuck between 3

  • Slade - Take me Ome - Local Lads but Dog Heads and could become a bit of an anthem

  • Club Foot - Just becuase its a banger and gets you up for the game but 100s of ground have this.

  • One Step Beyond - I always think this is a chelsea song.

Note- If dont stop believing was an option that would be selected OR Kasabians Underdog

Think im going for Slade. New song for a new era.


I’d like to hear this. Think it would work well, plus local connection.

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Where is the Starship option?


Its a shame the choices were made as I think Moneys too tight to mention by Simply Red would be more fitting

I chose Yellow Ribbon as it always gets belted out by the fans and short enough to keep going

Jeff took that one with him to Cyprus so he can sing " Nothings gonna stop us now" add nauseum while counting the rent money

he left “wont get fooled again” to extract a bit of urine


one step beyond for me just had a lot of great memories of our fans enjoying that,
Yellow ribbon as it one of the few songs most our fans get into would be close second.

Kasabian would be good but used to much elsewhere for me

One step beyond for me

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She wore a yellow ribbon for me, been an anthem for years anyway

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L ove Starship but played at the end of the game when we have won ( we wont get sick of it :grinning:)

Won’t get Fooled again by the Who

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Yellow ribbon for me. Would have been Slade if they weren’t Wolves fans.

Couldn’t we have Swords of a Thousand Men instead by Tempole Tudor?


That aint at all bad.

Showing my age a bit!!!

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Showing mine then cus I had never heard it.

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I predict a riot the Kaiser chiefs

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The Boys Are Back In Town …Thin Lizzy

I know it’s not an option but sure it would get everyone singing along .

The choices given by the club will only get voted on by which versions are to be played of the below tracks as there are some terrible ones if you play them on Spotify

She wore a yellow Ribbon …
Ring of Fire …

The only way is up - Jazz
Things can only get better - D Ream
Rent - Pet Shop Boys
Let’s lynch the landlord - Dead Kennedy’s
Living on a prayer - Bon Jovi
Free falling - Tom Petty
Losing my favourite game - Cardigans