Wall Around Pitch

Does any one else think the low wall around the pitch is dangerous? How many times have we seen players nearly get injured hitting it?

I noticed on Saturday a Crewe player deliberately shove Gordon and he just managed to check himself before hitting the wall. It only led to a bit of hand bags but it made me think. What if Gordon had got injured or worse? Where would that have left the club and the Crewe player?

There was a young South American footballer who died this way (Emmanuel Ortega). Its on youtube if you wish to view it. Not nice to watch that’s why I havent posted a link to it.

I just think it could so easily happen at the Banks’s.

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There really must be nothing at the club to talk about if we have resorted to a thread about a brick wall :grinning: . In all seriousness though it does seem dangerous especially seeing that video on Ortega .


I’ve often thought this. It nearly happened to Adrian Littlejohn just after we moved in.
I would imagine that a number of other grounds need to improve this hazard too.
However, they appear to be a bit too concerned with advertising revenue.

I think a solution would be to have a padded hoarding with advertisers on it.
The club would have to sort out any lengths they can’t sell to third parties.
Should make for some interesting sale rates per metre.

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Big fish too fry than a wall son

Should build a wall for defence not around the pitch

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Our new stadium will have a better arrangement :slight_smile:

You make a good point. My lad didn’t play for two years having smashed his knee on a wall of similar height. I’ve often thought it should go.

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I think that the only reason it’s there is to fix advertising boards to,it’s certainly not high enough to prevent fans going on the pitch,maybe they should make it a foot or so higher and fix rubber advertising boards to it.

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I have thought that at loads of football stadiums. Even more at Rugby League ones.

Suppose they have to consider potential injury to spectators. If Andy Cook lands on your lap you’re going to know about it…


Guess it is close to the pitch compared to many grounds. Wall at Fellows Park was close to the pitch too, but was probably a bit higher. Think Stuart Watkins got hurt when hitting the wall near dugouts at Bescot. Was sitting right in front of where it happened

Not much you can do about it. Can’t move it back or it’ll be on our laps.

We’ve talked at length about toilets and chips.

Doesn’t help when we have all that land but such a small stadium squashed in the middle of it…its like football was an after thought by our outgoing chairman :wink:


And that my friend in a nutshell, sums it all up.


Yes,if only the stadium was twice as big,we would regularly be getting 20,000 crowds now. damn that man Bonser… :rage:

Im talking about how cramped the stadium is not the actual size of it.

Imagine, had the stands been built a little further away we wouldnt need a stupid wall around the pitch, wouldnt need cramped office space, cramped tunnels, small dressing rooms, very small toilets…

It all comes down to planning. I doubt many people in that industry would be comfortable signing off a monstrosity like the Banks’s