Walsall at Wembley again!


It is true - a nice story

Well done Leighswood School


Well done guys…lets hope they don’t totally embarrass the town like Dean Smith did.


Didn’t embarrass me Sid. We lost to a team that ■■■■■■ our league.


My old Junior School, 1957-1961. Well done Leighswood School.


Me and my Mrs had a weekend in London,by a country mile,the worst part of it was the 90mins we sat through…it was a Micky Mouse cup,it didn’t matter a toss whether we won or lost,we had 30,000 fans sat in virtual silence because smith was too scared to make a game of it.As far as I’m concerned Belphegor that was embarrassing…It should have been a memory that lasted a lifetime,instead I had to wipe the memory from my mind.


well done all


Same here. We had a lovely weekend in the smoke and, although disappointed with the outcome of the game, was certainly not embarrassed. Bristol City were just much better on the day and were the class team of the season. In 45 years of supporting Walsall, embarrassment is not something I associate with. More downs than ups, and that occasion was in the up camp.

If it was Mickey Mouse and you didn’t give a toss if we won or lost, then how come you were embarrassed?


I think I explained that pretty clearly B,Hog.


Ah I see :smile:

Whose B. Hog?


My old school through the 90s. Hope they go and smash it.


Well Belphegor hardly rolls of the tongue,so I made my own version…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Embarrassment to the town… lol.

Get a grip.


You get a grip.


I’m sure he used to post under a different name under the old format, almost identical type posts, remarkable really…


A good news story …well done the School and Walsall FC community programme. It is good to see that one part of the club is doing an excellent job.


Touché :smile: