Walsall Bastadry


Anyone else noticed the trend of our new players winding up the opposition fans when scoring ?

Cook against Plymouth.
Ferrier against Tranmere
Ginelly against Rochdale
Ismail against Rochdale

couple this with the new never say die attitude that is apparent throughout the team I wonder if even the players think in their mindsets their a bunch of ■■■■■■■■ and its us against the world.



Up the bastardry!


Nowt wrong with a bit of Bastardry


Well if it motivates the players, it can only do good.I think its more like a copycat thing,they’ve seen Cooke and Ferrier do it so its become part of their goal celibrations now.The only trouble is that you are more likely to get an avoidable booking which can come back and bite you if you get a booking for a bad tackle or something later on in the game.


I’ve never understood why taking your shirt off in a goal celebration warrants a yellow card. Having said that, given that it does, it seems a waste of a booking to me. I noticed that Harry Maguire did it for Leicester yesterday after his last minute winner. I understand the jubilation but with 5 cautions bringing about a suspension, it’s not a great habit for key players to get in to when we have such a small squad.


What is best in life?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!


So does this mean we have to change the words to the Best behaved supporters in the land song to “We’re a right bunch of bastards when we score”?


i was singing similar because of this… ‘were a right bunch of bastards when we play’ but i do prefer your effort.


I was bit annoyed with Ismail doing it against Rochdale. He was already on a yellow and the referee could have easily given him a second for that. I think he got away with it because their fans didn’t react.

It’s all good fun but someone’s going to get themselves banned for a game after collecting too many yellows and then it won’t be as funny.


It will be