Walsall Council to buy the ground

Why’s that bald guy wearing a Star Trek uniform?:joy:


It is a kick in the teeth isn’t it Rad. Radio silence and then Lazio rock into town and not only does it get mentioned, but obviously someone is there from the council so as to provide the pictures. Oh well, we’ve managed so far without their intervention and we will continue to do so and by looks of things, be run a lot better without their input…

He must be the ‘Data’ analyst for the game…


Or he’s Villas new Number 1.



I agree the council should do more for WFC, but of itself, is this such a bad thing?

As in Villa using the ground? Its a great thing… a massive payday… they’re welcome to it.

But the council using a birmingham team it as content, while they do sweet FA for the people of Walsall, just shows the state of our relationship.


But it’s a welcome to lazio sign, nothing about the Villa. Visitors from Rome will appreciate the gesture.

As I say of itself, doesn’t seem much wrong with it.


Yes. On many levels.

1 promotion spend on a one-off for zero visible return
2 concentrating on a one-time visit of a foreign club to the borough when they’re playing another club that isn’t from the borough
3 displaying clear contempt for the one club that’s been in the Borough for 135 years

So yes, it’s a bad thing. It’s the town’s marketing department jumping desperately on a short-term bandwagon. It’s the council ignoring one of the town’s largest employers. It’s the managers of an elected body failing completely to understand their roles. All instead of backing, consistently, a a high-profile sporting symbol representing the borough on a national stage on a regular basis


Did they do it for Ajax?


Any visitors from Rome will appreciate the substantial graffiti that the town offers, though no where near their own efforts!

I don’t know, but that’s the problem isn’t it. Not what they did last night but what they don’t do other times.

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Yes, I’m not anti -your stance. But to criticize what they did last night seems churlish. It jars because of the absence of what they don’t do for WFC.

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To be fair, civic receptions have been held when the club has been promoted, so I don’t think it’s entirely true to say they ignore us. Not much support otherwise though I must admit.

Ask Eddie Hughes to discuss it with Bird before he buggers off to Tamworth.

I’ve no problem with fleecing the vile personally. Hope the local car thieves had a good night.

How is it churlish to criticise ineptness in the manner I have? You asked why it was a bad thing, and I stated why. Seems you’re being churlish…

I think there was something similar at Port Vale last time we went.

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Great work by the council aiming to twin Walsall with Rome. Already looking forward to the preseason friendly they will arrange with Lazio for us next year. Maybe they could also invite Roma

  1. no. a negligible spend with some benefits in terms of raising Walsall’s (the town’s) profile

  2. it is a sporting occasion in walsall (the town). Walsall council should be promoting this event and highlighting the fact it is in Walsall.

  3. well, yes, but not through this action, through all the non-actions.

I can see why what the council did riles people, and I agree they treat WFC with contempt but I’ll stick to saying they did nothing wrong last night.

Anyway, I’ve got nothing further to add, I only contributed because SaddlerSteve put a face palm emoji after the welcome to Lazio sign implying a huge faux pas (which it isn’t). I agree with you (& Rad4d &Saddlersteve) far more than I disagree with you

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Why do people care so much about a few signs?

The council have never cared about the club. It’s nothing new. Just something to moan about.

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