Walsall ending winless runs for other teams

Following Saturdays inevitable defeat to Carlisle, who hadn’t won for 12 matches, what other games can people remember when we were beaten by other teams in similar situations?

I recall at home to Southend United last season, who hadn’t won for 11 matches, taking all three points with a one nil win.

I can’t remember any specific ones but it always seems to be us that teams come to and kick start their seasons and seems to happen a lot for most saddlers fans to say it.Surely it can’t be just a coincidence that it happens quite often.

Earlier this season, Bristol Rovers hadn’t won in 19 away games. Until they came to us.

On the flip side we seem to have a knack of getting opposition managers the sack. Losing to Walsall often seems to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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I game at Hull from the 90’s springs to mind they hadnt won in about 18 games and were on there way to finishing bottom. We were pushing for the playoffs But they still beat us 1-0 on my last ever visit to Boothferry Park

Gillingham away in 2004 was perhaps the most damaging. The Gills were on a terrible run and beat us 3-0 despite Jimmy Walker having possibly his finest ever game. One of our worst ever performances, and in the context of how important the game was a case could be made it was the very worst.
The Gills stayed up on goal difference and we went down.

When Bristol City lost 8 players in 1982 and then won 1-0 at Fellows Park. We’ve been doing it for decades. But we’ve also been good at ending winning team’s runs or beating top of the league when in the lower reaches of the league. Recall thrashing Reading 6-0 in Feb 1986 when they were running away with the league. Maybe we need another thread on when we’ve done the opposite of this thread

When we were in the Championship it seemed to be a regular thing. :grin:

Because we are a very middle of the road club up until relegation to this division the most middle of the road club in the country I’d say there’s going to be a lot of occasions we halt teams losing runs because we ourselves will usually be a team hovering around 8th -18th in the league. When Dean Smith was in charge he seemed to break every record going game’s without scoring/game’s without defeat/game’s without a win and similar to this season it usually ends with us with a record like W15 D15 L16

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