Walsall fans have your say

Is this group real or is everything on it a p**stake? More ridiculous rumours and garbage on there today.

The Emmanuel Eboue and Matty Fryatt post made me laugh :rofl:

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The state of the regular posters on that page. They need to give their heads a serious wobble.

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Signing a player who was a regular and offered a new deal by Preston today :joy:

Fair play to the lad Andy Allen.

He fights the tirades of nonsense sometimes single handedly and must be the only one that has stuck to that thankless (and more than likely futile) task without leaving.

I like WFHYS, it’s a balls-out-the-bath version of UTS - no moderation, no anonymity, no swear filter.

Plus, they have Steve Grew.



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Insulted someone on there suggested we only have four active users on UTS, we’ve had at least 11 this week…

Hes a legend up we goo

Wembley. Wembley

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That was that irritating Villa troll we banned. :rofl:


Someone wrote a few weeks ago ‘Walsall Fans Have Your Say’ has to be the worst page on Facebook. :grin:

A number spring to mind!