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Have seen a few things on social media regarding the ladies team the first team appear to have walked out? Anybody know whats happened as it was very encouraging seeing the ladies section flourishing.

Heard from a mate who tweets (I don’t) that five got fired and the rest walked. Would be nice to know the story there…

A workmates of mine plays in the same league, one of the ex Walsall players has posted a letter from the club blaming the departure of the manager, over due player subs and a lack of training by the team. Apparently they were second in the league when they folded.

Murkier and murkier…

I thought it had gone a bit quiet…

I’m saying nothing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lets face it,it is a very expensive thing running any football team.But I can imagine Walsall have said something like “well you can start a women’s team under our name,but don’t expect us to help in any way”. If you’re going to seriously start a women’s team,you need to back it or not bother, Yeovil Town (not what you’d call a rich club),have managed to get a womens team up and running,and they play to a decent standard.




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Decent standard and Walsall doesn’t go hand in hand does it? Ambition and promise isn’t allowed for us Walsall fans whether that’s the women or men.

I was shocked to hear that it had its own chairman. The sad fact is they’re probably better off without us anyway with our mentality of being half arsed in everything it does.

That is a shame. The womens game is on the up. Standard is getting better by the season. Hope ours get sorted asap.

Another depressing tale relating to the club I love

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Walsall Ladies Football Club can confirm that a number of first-team players have left the club.

Manager, Jason Barrowclough, resigned from his position last week and Donna Simpson-Ash has taken interim charge of first-team affairs.
Donna, a FA level 2 Qualified Coach with a decade of playing experience including spells in America, has been managing the Development Squad but has agreed to step up and take the first-team reins.
Following Jason’s departure, a committee meeting was held last week to discuss a number of issues surrounding the first team.

Several first team players still owe the club subs and it was also a concern that the players had only trained once in the last seven weeks.

After careful consideration, the club has made the difficult decision to part ways with a number of first team players. We would like to wish them all the best for the future and thank them for their services.

Walsall Ladies first-team will be continuing and will promote players from our Development and Under 17’s squad to the first team. The team will continue to play home games at Rushall Olympic’s Dales Lane. Details can be found at walsallfcladies.com.

We currently operate teams from Under 8’s through to open age and our aim is to produce a successful and positive club for all the girls and ladies that come to us to play.


I’m sure Walsall FC will be the first to claim responsibility,if,against all the odds,and offering no help at all to the women’s football team,the women manage to achieve promotion to one of the national leagues.Maybe ISSA and UTS etc can do some sort of fundraising for the women’s team.

Walsall FC have been amazing this season backing all of the women section. They have help us get the whole of the club new kits which is the first season since we been going to all be in the same kit and like the men’s. We do player of the month from every team at the club and they get invited to a Walsall FC men game to get certificate on the pitch at half time. Which the girls love so I can’t thank them enough.


Well to be honest,that’s the absolute least they should do,how is it that they charge you for the honour of playing for them,and with all the coaches at the club,you shouldn’t go 7 weeks without training.

That’s not how it work only the top teams in the country get paid the ones in the women super league that are several league higher then what we play. We are all amateurs. All the coaches, managers and back staff are volunteers. All players pay the cover the costs of train, pitch on match day, referee, etc. Which we just about cover as you can imagine it expense to train and play on 3G pitches. But Walsall FC men don’t have any money of us all subs go on the expensive of running the ladies section.

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I didn’t think you did get paid,what I’m saying is you shouldn’t have to pay for the honour of representing WFC either,surely the club should at least have some money raising events to help you out.

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The women could help themselves by charging admission for a start … even at £2 per head, it would be a start towards an income stream. The average home attendance is around 30. A bit more promotion of the team’s activities would be a good idea, too.


I must admit I do find it staggering that if the club want the Ladies team to play under their umbrella then they should be doing more than just throwing in some kits. Asking people to pay subs is a bit extreme considering the club could probably get Rushall pitch for nothing. Then as Pedagogue said they should charge people to watch them - which would then cover the subs, to stop this happening again.

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