Walsall FC on BBC News this morning

Good to see us getting a bit of National exposure with Leigh talking about our fans refusing refunds.

Also briefly mentioned a scheme to have cardboard cutouts of fans in the stadium should next season start with games being streamed.


weve had enough cardboard cut outs on the pitch in recent years :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Gaffney was ■■■■ wasnt he

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On a serious note tho its amazing how far the club has come…

Season was up and down a lot but off the pitch the whole of the club was changing for the better. LP is a business man but a fan with great love for our club, were in good hands atm.

Imagine uncle Jeff on the news or even giving update too fans? Nope


Along with most other people, I’m more than happy not having a refund for the remaining home games left on my season ticket as it will help our own club out - but I forked out well over £60 for the games at Mansfield, Macclesfield and Cambridge and, unless Walsall FC are getting a cut, I’m not so inclined to let them keep my money (especially Macclesfield as I’m not very confident it would even get through to the players and staff given their recent history).

Anyone heard anything about getting refunds for these tickets?


The fans response to recent distress calls by the club has been great to see.
The club asked for help for the early bird season ticket sales, we came through.
Refunds were offered for the games not played, a lot of fans refused the refund.
Those generous gestures speaks volumes about the character of our fans.
If Leigh and the board aren’t beaming with pride, they should be.


I certainly want a refund for my Stevenage ticket. Not going to let them get a penny of my money.

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