Walsall FC Player Fines

Shared, somewhat bizarrely, by Ray Parlour on Twitter.


First team scoring more than one game per game £1,000. per player.
Player showing interest, enthusiasm, skill. £1,000.
Any player seen to be enjoying any first team match £1,000
Any player openly betting on an Adebayo shot knocking plane out of sky. £5


Failure to support Rory Holden starting each game - £ Full Weekly Wage each

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Two different fonts used, and a couple of typos. Professional.

A bit different from chelsea LOL late for training 20k :open_mouth:

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How much must we be paying these players?




Failure to tell the media how well everyone played in training - £500
Failure to tell media the manager has won four promotions - £1000


Failure to sky shots from 2 yards out - £100
Failure to drop the ball when commanding your area - £75
Failure to collect the ball in defence and hoof it forward - £250

not a lot from what i am told no player is on more than 1k a week this season and the majority are on much less than that.

Turning too sharply - £25
Shooting too hard - £25
Running too fast - £50
Controlling the ball - £100
Being named James Hardy - £1000


Being on first name terms with Bonser: go to Cyprus. Go directly to Cyprus. Do not collect £400,000.

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The first one reads as if players get fined if they don’t have a mobile with them in the dressing room.

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Superb how missing team nights out is the largest fine. Also, I wonder who the “fine master” is?

Maybe it’s Hardy and that’s his actual role at the club.

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I can’t see sinclair and Clarke coming here for less than 1k a week.

Paying Sinclair or Clarke more than £1k a week. £1k per week per offence.

Glad they don’t do that at my work, I ain’t been to a Christmas party for years :open_mouth:


I love how this has been shared by Ray Parlour, that’s a gem that’s been missed so far.

Don’t blame ya
I used to have to go to ours. Alright normally until later on when a few would get ■■■■■■ and give me their wisdom on how I should be running the company :joy:

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