Walsall FC v Chelsea under 8’s EFL Trophy 3/12/2019

Can’t be arsed with doing any research, but as it’s 2 hours to kick off and no match thread, I thought I’d perform my civic duty .

I’m going for a 1-3 defeat in front of 1709. Gordon for we.


I’m going for a man city win 2-1 with pope saving a penalty because he is in my dream team :grin: as for our game meh.


800 or summat cold hungry fans

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And still not getting served a drink on time :wink:

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Could always have a rock hard burger if anyone has not had time for dinner before the match :joy:

I wonder if we’d actually beat Chelsea under-8s?

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End of cup games this season. Possibly loan deal of someone, who can play footy, can be the only good thing later.

Win on penalties. 1002 in attendance. Queues moderate to strong, veering NW.


Gordon doesn’t even make the bench - but Hardy is back in the squad, as is Kory.

Presumably he will use a team of youngsters out there, who will beat Chelsea’s under 8’s 6-0.
So that on Saturday he can revert back to a team of elderly mercenaries who study oil tanker manoeuvres in training.
Kick and rush will still be on the agenda for the Burslem tie.

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We do have a 15-year old on the bench, but usual suspects otherwise.

Anyone watching on Ifollow? Can you even do that tonight…

Yes, I am.

1-0 to the under 8’s unbelievable

Well that da tek lung

Two minutes, super start. Just super.

3 minutes

We’re gonna win 2-1!

Which ever minute it da tek lung :rofl: made me laugh that did chunkster

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Dont worry as clarke said they are great and got more money than us !