Walsall line up

I’m reading on various threads that we are playing a 3-5-2.

I’ve put down our strongest starting 11 in this formation with the likely reserve player.

Evans GK (Smith)

Daniels CB (Meyanese)
Farquarhson CB (Harry Williams)
Hussey CB (?)

Knowles RWB (Riley)

Stirk DM (Comley)
Mcentee DM (?)

Hutchinson AM (Maher)

Gordon LWB (Foulkes)

Matt (Draper)


  • Have I missed anyone?
  • assuming I haven’t, we look exposed in terms of replacement centre backs (guess Mcentee could fill in)
  • asking a lot of RAM if Hutchinson gets injured
  • wing backs look a bit lop sided with Knowles being an attacking player , whereas Gordon more defensive minded, although he does get up the pitch TBF.

Based off the three games I’ve seen so far, our strongest team is

Farquharson Daniels Hussey
Knowles Riley Stirk Gordon
Draper Johnson


A question I keep asking is - where are the goals coming from?

It just seems like we have recruited half heartedly up top and in offensive positions - and look solid defensively.

Mid table here we come.


I agree, but breaking it down, where is the creativity coming from?

Hutchinson, Mcentee and from what I know Hussey seem to be the players who can create a chance, but seems a continuation of last seasons problems at first glance.

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We have a gaping hole in terms of who plays next to Stirk.

I don’t think we will actually solve that problem - I think Sadler is set with Stirk and McEntee.

The wing backs aren’t good enough.


Further, I will guarantee you that any manager that comes up against us will Target the right hand side and Knowles as a way to get in on us.

He’s not defensively minded and was caught out a few times last night - and we have seen over last season too.

I just really don’t get the recruitment strategy. That’s IF we don’t sign a right wing back.

Current squad crying out for…


Foulkes Farquharson Daniels Hussey/Gordon
Riley Stirk
Knowles Draper/DJT Hutchinson

That to me looks defensively competent, capable of progressing the ball rather than hoofing it, and capable of scoring a reasonable number of goals. Several players that clearly arn’t the finished article, lacking some obvious creative wizardry, and probably a bit his and miss in respect of width. However, its division 4 we’re trying to be successful in.


It’s Danny Johnson mate not Draper :grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Worryingly similar to last season. Mental considering we’re doing things completely differently now :man_shrugging: some coincidence that.


Why would you have Foulke s at LWB cover for Gordon when he is right sided?


Has anyone else witnessed entertaining attacking football in any of these games yet?

Inverted full back.

No, I didn’t know he was right back.

Who is our cover for Gordon then?

Allen and you have also forgotten Williams as cover for centre backs.

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Sorry you hadn’t forgotten Williams…

We only need 5 players who can play in the back 3, not 6 and we have Daniels, Farq, Hussey, Williams, McEntee and Menayese who can play there.

Meneyese won’t be fully fit until Christmas and even then, i can’t see him getting in the side.

Sadler seems insistent to play McEntee in midfield.

I’d still like us to sign another centre half because then it takes the pressure of the likes of Hussey to be forced to play 50/55 games a season.

He does but the point is that he can play at the back. As can Comley at a push.

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Allen could do a decent job as lwb would link up well with stirk and is a good crosser of the ball

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I know he is injured but I think Earing is underated. In my opinion we missed him a lot more than most realised post January. Really hope he can get fit and back in the team