Walsall Match of My Life

Currently reading this newly-published book by Simon Turner (no, not Sheff!)

It contains the biggest WFC matches in the lives of 16 ex-Saddlers players, ranging from Allan Clarke to Adam Chambers, plus a little reflection on each of their spells at the club.

It’s a good read for any Saddlers fans. I hope he is working on a second volume, including Jimmy Walker, Fred Barber, Roy McDonough, Chris Marsh, even Paul Merson! I know that some of those have already published their books but it would make great reading!


Walsall Match of My Life: Saddlers Legends Relive Their Greatest Games https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1785316451/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_YngmFbTRN7S3Q

I know Simon well …his articles in the programme last season were an excellent read. If this book is of a similar standard it will be a cracker. I intend buying one as soon as possible.

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Looking forward to this !

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Hope we get contributions from Johnny Brain, Joe Broad and Jon Guthrie.


And Krystian Bielik?

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My copy arrived today and having the the first 3 contributions I have to say it is a really good read. I would recommend it to all fans of Walsall FC . I am somewhat biased as I know the author well as his dad and I were friends at school and we have sat side by side at Bescot since it opened!!!


Missed this thread. Stumbled upon this book looking at Mart O’Connor’s twitter so will certainly be getting it for xmas.

I didn’t know about it either? Just had it delivered to my kindle

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Excellent book.
Buy it from Hive.co.uk, support UK bookshops and feel good about yourself for stopping habitually giving cash to a bunch of US tax-dodgers.
It’s £12.25 on both sites.


I saw this in Waterstones a few weeks back while out browsing, i was shocked it was 21.99.

find me a book worth that :rofl:

I have read it all now…some great contributions from some of our best players. A good present for any Walsall fan.