Walsall Senior Cup

Take a read on us forfeiting the win at Chasetown


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wow, professional

An honest mistake, rectified correctly by the club.
Still doesn’t make great reading though, does it?


Yeah I agree, but surely you should know who is registered and who isn’t before you play anyway.


It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t our own Senior Cup !


So, technically speaking - we can’t even win by cheating!

No - in all seriousness, good that the club acted as it did but worrying that such an error occurred in the first place…

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What do you mean “our own Senior Cup”? We’ve won the competition exactly 3 times since we were formed in 1888!! We have better records in the Birmingham Senior Cup and the Staffordshire Senior Cup.

Just because we share the name “Walsall” with it doesn’t make it ours - it’s organised by the West Midlands Regional League.

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I’m aware it isn’t ours. That was me being facetious.
The casual observer probably wouldn’t appreciate the ‘working’ behind it.

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Fixed it or not them errors from a professional club should never happen

What a shambles

Given it’s a West Midlands regional league I’d imagine someone told the club and they came to an agreement to resign from it rather than being thrown out.

Fortunately you don’t get that option if you field an ineligible player in a EFL or FA competition.


Bigger teams have made bigger mistakes than this.

Not a problem for me.

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Pathetic and then put right i suppose.

It is organised by Staffordshire FA, not the West Midlands (Regional) League. It was originally the premier competition of the former Walsall & District FA. When the latter folded and was absorbed into Staffordshire FA, the Walsall Senior Cup came with it.

Apologies - I made the mistake of not double-checking after chancing on this (and making the wrong assumption) https://web.archive.org/web/20070207121816/http://www.wmrl.non-league.org/Walsall_Senior_Cup.htm

I personally think it shows the unprofessionalism of the club! Surely you register all players just in case to ensure this type of situation does not occur.

I’m not sure what Maz’s status was at the club at the start of the season. He wasn’t on the released list but think I remember DC saying he’d have to go through a trial when he was fit again. So was he on the club payroll all the time he was out injured or not (and registered just in case)? Or were they classing him as an unregistered triallist?

Most likely a simple case of left hands and right hands rather than gross incompetence.