Walsall Supporters For Change Update

Just wondering chaps - any news/developments???

Given our current plight and the deterioration in matters since the movement was created, I’d suggest that folk are seeking some action or information if it’s to retain any credibility…

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Needs to be someone now saying that this isn’t ok. Especially if we get relegated.

That can’t be let off.

As reported on the dedicated thread, we’re making the appropriate application to the Football Supporters Federation so that we can participate in club meetings as of next season and have a greater and more legitimate say.

We’ll also be running a focused membership drive over the summer that will (hopefully) lead to a significant number of supporters being actively invested in the campaign and more importantly, readily informed of the activities they can support.

Although activity has been stunted recently, Rob and I have been working behind the scenes to set up something that is sustainable and not completely reactive to the current footballing predicament and more focused on the long term institutional problems at the club.

Rob and I are just two guys with jobs and families pushing this, and we’ve already made a considerable personal investment in the project.

When the time comes, we need people to back this. Criticism and questions of what we’re trying to do and how quickly things are happening are completely understandable, but we need people to genuinely commit to supporting and becoming an active part of WSFC over the coming months.

We can make a difference, and Christ knows this club needs it.



Thanks Simon

Appreciate the update and can totally understand the amount of input these things take - along with family commitments etc, it’s not going to be easy.

Good to know that stuff is happening and I agree, the focus needs to be sustained and not purely reactionary etc

My topic was created to query the status and I now see things are happening but I’m sure you’ll agree, in the current predicament, it’s natural for folk to question the position of the movement and it’s activities because, as you say, we certainly need something to support change at the club

Thanks for your efforts


Same as above :point_up_2:t2: