Walsall terrace singing

What has happened to the good old days of terrace singing, when we sang about our players?

Most of the singing now involves slagging off other teams?

Why sing about the Baggies, Wonderers, Villa or Blues, when we’re not playing them?

Why sing about your sister and Mother etc

These are not songs that the older generation wish to join in with or teach their younger companions.

Surely the old " give me a W" type song and " super, super someone" will engage more response than the rude / swearing ones


I agree. I’m not totally opposed to the odd dig at our neighbours but I do always prefer songs that are getting behind Walsall.

I like the simple ones that don’t seem to be used so much these days like We are Walsall, Walsall we are. And the very simple " The Walsall"

To be fair if you burst out into any kind of song at Bescot you risk getting funny looks these days.


Totally agree. Was at the kiddie game the weekend and we started singing about Steve Bull. I don’t get why we are singing about a wolves legend


Absolutely, singing about a player (who did not play for us) who retired 20odd yrs ago is tinpot and borderline obsessive.


I’m hoping to go to as many away games this season as possible and getting chants going for individual players.

Will use some suggestions that’ve been posted elsewhere

Perhaps we should try Makina

Think GeordieSaddler might come down as the MC

Theres a few videos on YouTube


If there is a particular chant or song you like you could always start it off. I will join in, just give me advance notice. No bad language mind.


I was also somewhat confused by the song about the Pope and the IRA again.

I remember when I were a kid it was pride of midlands and then a lot of player songs. Other that sincs his beards deckin massive a few years back we haven’t really got any player songs. We should be serenading the 11 players on the pitch in succession!


I suppose some songs will have more meaning to some fans more than others. We used to sing about ‘supersonic sausage dogs’. I never quite got it but always enjoyed it.


Feel free to start one off if you have one about the current lot of players who have only been here weeks, I’ll join in once I know the words :grin::+1:t3:


Were they the ones with rubber Jonnies on their knobs?


To be fair, Stevie Bull is a tatter.


Not sure the wording was that polite.

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I’m sure the Ant Gerrard chant could be resurrected for Ash Taylor

I wrote a song about Matt Taylor last week that i’ve shared with absolutely nobody so far, but it’s got legs I tells ya.

Here goes.

To the tune of “I love you baby”

“Oh Matty Taylor!
But we can’t call him that,
He’s Matthew Taylor, ok we’ll call him Matt
We love Matt Taylor…
Boss of Walsall FCeeeeeee”

Repeat until someone passes out from the excitement


"I was walking up the match one day,
to watch Manny Manny Monthe play,
I was taken by suprise

To be continued.
With respect to Walt Disney I think.

Love it :clap:

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I’m trying to remember a football song and I can’t for the life of me recall the words. I think it’s from the 80s or 90s.

It starts off with dun, dun, dun dede dun dun, dun, dun, dun dun dede dundundun d-d-d-dun dee dee, the chorus goes deeeee dada dun dun dee, doo dan dee dee dee dada, and finishes with dun dede dun dun, dun, dun, dun dun dede dun d-d-d-dun dee dee.

Any ideas?

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