Walsall under foreign ownership

I remember a post on here a few years back stuck in my mind in one of the numerous debates about who could be interested in acquiring the club.

Went along the lines of Walsall public would never accept foreign ownership of the club. Can’t remember who said it but it was posted on this forum for sure.

Not sure what part of Walsall public they were on about given vast majority couldn’t care less about the football team!

Still it’s happening so thoughts on this angle? Getting the freehold sorted in next few years is obviously a huge PR win straight away for the hardcore fans and shows these guys are in it for the long haul given you can improve many parts of the ground and inject more capital into the team on an annual basis.

There have been many poor foreign owners in the English game (demise of Oldham an obvious red flag). However there have been plenty of decent ones, Leicester owners imo the best in the top flight when you look at it from many different metrics and Bournemouth Russian guy got them up the leagues no problem.

Even someone like Brentford have english guy in charge but his method is more european with the data and owning a club in Denmark.

Good to see at least there is a group in this big world that still believe there’s value in this club so let’s hope some fresh life can be breathed into it starting from August.