Walsall v Doncaster last day moved

For info

12:30 kick off

Hope it’s better than the last extra bank holiday they gave us. Thanks very much for the day off but there was bugger all open to go out and enjoy it. Should have moved it so it didn’t clash with that funeral.

As soon as the coronation was announced it was obviously going to move.
Would rather it stayed a 3pm kickoff though. :rage:

A lot of people still work On a Monday
A lot of people work bank holiday
Last game of the season and I’ll bloody miss it for a dam embarrassed monarchy who’s own son hates their guts and will sell them out for money
Gonna miss my footy for a rich old miserable man I don’t care about :frowning:


I’ve got such a dilemma…

Its my lad’s eighteenth birthday that day! Anyone who knows me knows that he lives in South Wales. I have told him I am coming down that day to buy him his first legal pint, albeit he is adamant that he doesn’t want to do anything on that day in true sulky teenager fashion.

I should have known he was going to be a pain from the start - had to miss the last day of the season in the 2004-2005 season as his Mother was in labour and missed a 3-0 win against Stockport. That was a nothing game but who knows what might be resting on the Doncaster game.

It’s frustrating but a lad never forgets his first pint and 18th is a big moment with your dad however embarrassed he pretends to be
Easy decision x


We will already be up by then mate.

:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:


12:30 kick off so you should be able to get down to South Wales before the pubs shut - and maybe it won’t be just his 18th you are celebrating?


Glad we are at home some horrendous trips for a 12:30 ko such as Stevenage at Barrow, Carlisle at Sutton, Mansfield at Colchester some possible last day celebrations spoilt.EFL prove fans don’t matter at our level

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I work bank holidays flipping great, could be promotion match and im at work. Why isnt game on sunday, also harry made the monarchs look like money grabbing twits, and megan less said the better.

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Because it would clash with the Premier league and league 1 and we can’t have that now can we

Don’t think the airlines have noticed yet. Had that pencilled in for a trip back but think I’ll go for Salford instead now!

FTK on buggering up the proper last day of the season is my view.


I’m glad I can watch the coronation. Everyone has different opinions. Will ask the EFL if they can consult you in future though.


With you mate. FTK, I didn’t vote for him.


Would appreciate it . His no more important than anyone of us imo :wink:

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