Walsall V Man City at Old Trafford

This was a few years before my time.

Anyone remember this game? Interested to know why we played them at Old Trafford.

The 2nd replay gives it away. Had to be played at a neutral ground back then.


Those were the days when we had a long cup run, albeit in the same round!!


We had a 2nd reply a couple of years later v Chesterfield for right to play Man Udt away in 3d round. If memory serves me then that was at the old Baseball ground


Yes, we’d drawn 0-0 at FP and also at Maine Road.
Although Old Trafford doesn’t seem especially neutral, I think we were happy as we thought it would be a bigger crowd than playing it somewhere in the middle, such as Stoke. There were 13,000 at the OT game, after playing in front of 19,000 at MR and 12,943 at FP.

Thought it might have been about getting as big a pay day as possible. If it had to be nuetral I guess picking the biggest ground closest to City was probably best way to get that.

Having great fun looking at a load of programmes from early to mid 70’s someone has just given me, I didn’t start going until the late 70’s


Incidentally for those interested, the City team for the second replay was MacRae, Pardoe, Donachie, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Carrodus, Bell, Summerbee, Lee, Towers.
The only big names who didn’t play were Marsh, who had started the first two games, Law, and Corrigan, who iirc was injured.
City reached the final that season and the only changes from that second replay were Marsh and Law in, and Towers and Carrodus out.

Edit; Towers played in the final, it was Oakes who didn’t.


I very much remember that 2nd replay. I’m not sure why i got to go because i was at an age where i still didnt get to go to night matches because they finished too late (imagine telling that to most kids these days!!)

Yeh, got my nephews back home about 2:30 in the morning from sunderland in the cup when they were young back in Graydon’s time.:rofl::rofl:

I think oakes son came to us on loan from Leicester or it might of been is nephew

Got that programme. My old man went. Lost 4-0 after two 0-0 draws. Franny Lee and Summerbee. I’ve seen Mike Summerbee a couple of times in restaurants around Manchester in my time here. Respected bloke even by some United fans.

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His son, Michael, was our goalkeeping coach a few years ago for a short time.
The lad from Leicester, Stefan Oakes, was the son of someone from Showaddywaddy, and as far as I know was no relation of Alan Oakes.

Thanks for that jumbo :+1:t6:

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Yes,I’ve got the programme as well, plus the programmes from the first two games. I remember Franny Lee was a class apart in that final game.

Alan’s nephew Andy played for us about twenty years ago.

My dad was there too.

Bit of an anti climax but made a few quid. He reckons our fans were obviously outnumbered but still travelled in good numbers.

Here’s his programme.

Well, there you go. I had no idea. I knew Michael, who played against us for Wolves, was related, but didn’t know that Andy was also. Or if I did, I have forgotten. So thanks for letting me know.

Two of the players from that City team, Mike Doyle and Glyn Pardoe, have a grandson, Tommy Doyle, who is currently playing for Wolves. I also know Pardoe was a cousin of Alan Oakes. It seems possible that most of us are related to Alan Oakes in some way, Christmas at his house must be busy. :grin:

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I don’t recall much about the match itself but remember going with my dad and brothers in the car and getting lost on the way somewhere in a fairly rough area of Manchester (possibly Hulme). So my dad wound down the window and asked some lads the way to Old Trafford. They refused to tell us at first, thinking we were City fans, but my oldest brother persuaded them we were Saddlers and they eventually gave us directions. It became a bit of a family legend.

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Was at game Went on a coach from the aluminium bronze. Which. was organised by
My late father