Walsall "What Ifs?" #2: Kory Roberts

Following a decent response to the Chambers thread, I thought I’d give this another bash, and see how another sliding doors moment might’ve changed the trajectory of WFC.

The closing minutes of a pre-season friendly is about the unluckiest time imaginable to suffer a career-changing injury, given their benign nature, and the general merry-go-round of team selections and substitutions that characterise them. So… how might things have subsequently looked if Kory had started the first half against Stoke, and given way to some trialist or other after an hour?

How does our 2018/19 season look with a fit Kory Roberts available for selection throughout?

Who, at various points, are our first choice CH pairing? Is Dan Scarr even a Walsall player today? Keates had started to experiment with him at RB the previous April… if Kory is fit, does Devlin still have the opportunity to play those couple of match-winners onside? As result, do we stay up by a couple of points?

What was Kory’s career ceiling, if he hadn’t missed those 14-odd months?

Was the potential sell-on this summer, to agonise over in years to come? Might his post-Walsall destination have been Barnsley, instead of Bromley? Was he destined to become a Walsall stalwart, and League Two title winning captain?

So, people… how does an innocuous pre-season substitution change our, and his, stars?

I always thought he lacked the build for a center back,.That’s not to say he wasn’t good enough, not by any means. I always thought he looked more comfortable in the middle of a 3, sweeping up, rather than in a 2, where he often got bullied I thought.

Nice chap, came and helped sort out a ticket problem in the main entrance for me and the klds towards the end of our relegation season. Had a photo with the kids, and a bit of a chat. Always a shame really, whatever talent you have as a footballer, you always need that bit of luck to make it.

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DK was playing him at RB in the run in the previous season, he played there v Northampton and Bradford with Devlin playing right midfield so I’m not convinced Keates would’ve played him much at CB.

Still relatively unproven anyway. Sad the way it ended here but hopefully he’ll get his career going in non league again.

Good one to do from this category would be George Bowerman imo. Started 2011 season in great form and had Grigg bench warming. Still only 28 now.

I thought Kory was showing promise before his horrific injury, a lot of players would not have recovered from that.
Much more solid at full back than centre back, he seemed more comfortable in that role.
I felt desperately for him when he was released, he must of felt that life was a little unfair.
I wish the lad well in the future.

I play football with him every now and then, still decent. Geddes too. Mind over matter.

Thought he was OK, no more, no less.

Nice hair though.

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