Walsall Women 0-2 Port Vale Women - Sat 22nd April, 6pm

Anyone stopping over to watch? Free entry in the main stand.

Not for me Clive, I hope plenty do though. Wonder how many in the PV travelling audience.

I have it on extremely good authority that we have a very high achiever involved in the Walsall Football Club ladies team. 15 years of continual success in the game and wider business, a real high flyer who demands the highest of standards from every area within their personal remit. This individual is sure to receive envious glances from other clubs, so we must tie them down at the earliest opportunity. A 15 year role extension is the bare minimum.

Watch out Wolves, Villa and Albion (ladies) a red shaped revolution is on the way! I urge all Saddlers supporters to make the effort, just so in many years to come, you can proudly announce to the Grandchildren “yes, I was there”.



God no.

I’ll get my boo done at the final whistle and be off.

I’m thinking about turning up for the boy’s game… walking out after 10 mins of that dross… having a couple at the Railway, and a maccie D’s, then back for the Women’s game to see some players that actually play with a bit of pride.

The only reason I’m turning up for the boy’s game is because it was already paid for via the season ticket. As they can’t be bothered to play, I can’t be bothered endure their rubbish and I don’t even think they deserve the effort of the full-time Booing. A deliberate walk out after 10 would say more I think.

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Not many as I believe the travelling gate sustained severe damage due to excessive force being used to close it by a disgruntled ex employee.

I can’t be bothered with watching the men’s game so won’t be watching the ladies either. To me the women’s team is like supporting a different team. They may carry the name Walsall but it isn’t The Saddlers I’ve supported since 16. I not particularly keen on seeing their information on our website as they are totally different and should have their own website. It’s probably just me but is Pomlett over them? Do they answer to anyone at Bescot? If the answer is no then they need a separate website as they don’t even play at Bescot usually.


Dan Mole is being credited with their rise to fame, god help em

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He needs to concentrate on our rise to fame as that’s not going too well.


I think they were originally a separate team but have been taken over by the club to become official?

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Hell no! I will be demoralised enough after the Walsall match.

Walsall Women 0-2 Port Vale Women

Decent attendance - not sure if it’s reported anywhere but my mate reckons 400-500

Dan Mole continuing his great work at the club then I see.


That’s a pleasing audience, didn’t seem to be many around me who were staying for the ladies game.

If there was a dirty bingo session on at Crod Towers that will no doubt have impacted the attendance for the ladies game

Country estate - number 8

All the 3s - Prince of Wales’ feathers

Two little dukes …