Walsall Women

Do they have an assistant in place yet?

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Hope for Dan Mole’s sake this doesn’t mean more games after the men’s!

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Is there a women’s team? Or is it just urban legend?

It’s actually nice to see the women’s team getting their fair share of publicity, good on 'em I say.


If I had to choose due to financial constraints, I would choose to have a team entered into a reserve league rather than using the money to run a totally underfunded and underachieving women’s team,just my opinion, and let’s face it our squad players are in desperate need of football minutes.its a false economy to not have a proper reserve team.

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Agree with the fact we need a reserve team but who would they play? I don’t think many clubs run them now although someone might correct me on that.

The 1970s just rang, one of their residents has escaped.
Please be on the lookout…


Snowflake alert, snowflake alert! Watch what you’re saying.


Pretty sure our women’s team doesn’t cost a penny, it’s all voluntary/amateur.

They have to pay Rushall Olympic to use their ground,and I’m sure there will be travelling costs etc. I’m just saying either fund the women’s team properly or disband them, I’d love to see a competitive women’s team who you can tell that one day in the future they will get into one of the leagues below. They are light years away.

Let them have a team. Good luck to em

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Not to sure about these names women football teams come up with Walsall women :thinking:surely could come up with better names .with a little thought .for instance Ajax Women Playing tonight conjures up all sorts of connotations. Serious comment I’m a big supporter of women’s football.