We are the poorest club in the League

Interesting article here about the simply colossal amounts of money some football club owners have… apart from Walsall’s no. 1 fan.

I have no doubt some of the people whose wealth couldn’t be ascertained are less minted, but an awful lot are much richer. (Posh owner for example).

I’ll get me tin 'at on…


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That’s not at all surprising. Due to football’s fashionability there are loads of very very wealthy people prepared to chuck some serious cash into a football club. Whether they do it with a view to becoming even richer in the long run, because they just fancy owning a football club or in the odd rare instance because they actually support their local club.

Whilst our owner is relatively poor, he has built a model that makes it virtually impossible for somebody to buy the club and the land upon which it sits. Unless of course they are willing to pay way over the odds. And even if you’re stinking rich you know a bad deal when you see one. Darragh Mcanthony had no affiliation with Posh (he’s a Liverpool fan)he just wanted to own a club. There’s no way he would have come near us and I’m not sure his overtures would have got past first base anyway.

We’re trying to run our club along the lines of a business that needs to balance the books. For a lot of others it is a sporting adventure. Like a night at the casino.

And we as fans flip flop on whether we like the stability and “you know where you are” or whether we wouldn’t mind a go on the rollercoaster loads of others are on.


Surprised to see Scunthorpe owners worth £340 million!
Quite a lot of “unknowns” on list. Was expecting JB to be "undisclosed ".

Only worth just over 3 million? He has takes that from us over the last 7 years alone? Looks like he is fudging those figures as well.

Just a thought, but it might be that the £3m figure doesn’t include the wealth he has gained from owning Bescot, nor the actual value of the asset, as technically, he doesn’t own it (A Suffolk Life SIPP shared by JB and his brother does, as was revealed a few years ago during Jeff’s ranty years when he denied being the owner)

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What Phil said…

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Load of rubbish… his rent payments alone surpass that.

What Phil said…

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What Phil said…

Bonser stashed all the Walsall winnings in his pension pot, which hasn’t bean counted.

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We got some of the most well heeled fans …Jenkins , Waterman plus some of the bods on here.

Anyone coming forward ?

Aren’t we being taken over by Americans imminently, or is that no longer a thing?

hes a tight fisted pratt always has been always will be.he need call himself a walsall fan hes only happy for us to always be in league 1 so he aint gotta fork out loafs of money.i hate him,wish someone would buy it off him and make walsall a better club and even premier leauge(yeah i know wishful thinking) but they will never do any good with bonser in charge bout time he flew the nest,sooner the better


We are not the poorest club in the League. At best the article says we have the poorest owner in the league but that statement omits 43% of the 72 clubs in the Championship, League 1 and League 2 which is a pretty staggering omission.

We’ll almost certainly be in the lowest quarter percentile which isn’t exactly brand new information. We don’t have a rich owner but I’d suggest we do have a clever one who has built a strong business model (for his or the club’s benefit difficult to ascertain - I’d say likely a combination).

No doubt the benefit to the club is his ‘strong and stable’ ownership…

We do have rich owner, far richer than he was when he acquired the club.

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