We’em on the tele!

According to the E&S, our League Cup game against ‘the mighty‘ on 5th September has been chosen for live coverage by Sky.

Presumably the club are wasting their time offering an iFollow package that day!

If papers are to be believed then Sky Sports have done a deal with the EFL to offer all league games on a streaming platform for fans, including 3pm
Saturday games, until grounds are allowed 50% + capacity.

Free for ST holders, around £10 for non-ST holders.


The current agreement with sky and the EFL is that all games which are broadcast by sky will not be shown on iFollow.
However that rule has already been blown out of the water by the championship games being available on both during the games behind closed doors scenario.
As I refuse to give any of my money to sky because of how they have ruined football for real fans in this country I would much rather pay my club anyhow.


Our game against Birmingham next Tuesday (1st September) is free on the Blues TV.

Pretty sure all you need is to sign up to make an account :+1:t2:


How about our game on Saturday against Burton?

And is it “at home” as in actually at the Banks’s, or will we be playing on a pitch in Pleck park like the Crewe and Wolves Yoof games appeared to be?

I’ve just signed up to blues tv , there is a subscription page with games listed but walsalls isn’t on there so may be free

I signed up too. It says the walsall game will be free but only 1 camera.
Their fans will have to pay a tenner each to see 'em play at spurs.

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Oh right ,didn’t see that , nice one :+1:, I will have another look

As long as it’s not a black screen like Crewe :smile:

Dale Moon doing the commentary for them. So that’s where he’s ended up after leaving us!

That was news a long while ago…

According to the E&S, admittedly some days ago, there’s a free stream of today’s game. There’s nothing on the official site though. In fact you wouldn’t know that there’s a game on. The next game is Sheffield Wednesday, it says.

We have got a game, have we? Any ideas where to get it, anyone?

(BTW - it’s not just the Saddlers.co.uk site that is lacking, other EFL clubs’ sites are similarly afflicted. It must be a Covid thing!)

Here’s the YouTube link for later… Walsall FC V Burton Albion FC - YouTube

It was listed in the pre season schedule that has been on the official site since 17th August - 2020/21 Pre-season schedule confirmed - News - Walsall FC


Thanks 33. The pre season schedule that I found says we’re in Poland. Its been usual to add all of our pre season games to the main fixture list. Not this year though.

Can someone tell me if my logic/calculations are correct here.
I can get home games on iFollow at £10 a go.
Being old, I can get a season ticket for as little as £180. That gives me 23 matches, at less than £8 a game. I can’t get to many games anyway, from here, but, as season ticket holder, I could watch home games on iFollow for free - and I would be making a small contribution to my team!
Is all that correct - and is iFollow any good as regards “coverage” and “camera work”?

If you get a season ticket you can watch the home games on I follow as long as spectators are not allowed in the ground.
If you think that’s going to last the whole season it’s a good buy.

Yeah but if you can use a VPN you can get all League games streamed. Even better value.

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Depends on what I-Follow do when some fans are allowed back in the ground I would say. Chances are fans will be allowed back in someway before Xmas, then I-Follow may not be available, I don’t know.

I tried a vpn and it didn’t work on ifollow? apparently some don’t so it depends which one you install because ifollow recognises them.

In some ways I think the fact that I have a subscription to the audio commentary might be better as then I can imagine that there is a crowd there there!